5 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

today we’re talking about the top five ways to boost online sales so maybe you have a product online or several products and it’s selling okay but you want to make more sales maybe you’re making a hundred a month and you want to go to three hundred or thousand you want to go to three thousand but you’ve been

struggling with figuring out how to sell more products or how to convert more and you’re advertising and all this kind of stuff but you still just aren’t happy with it well today I’m gonna show you how you can actually sell more without necessarily advertising more just some tweaks you can make on the back end of your site so let’s go over right now the top five ways to boost online sales number one cart abandonment reminders so let’s say people go all the way to putting your product in the shopping cart and then for some reason rather they don’t buy what do you do with that well first off you have to have either your Google tag tracking on or Facebook pixel tracking on to know that but if people got all the way to put in the product in their cart that means they’re really interested and just whatever happened that day they didn’t buy so how can you turn that on this buyer into a full-fledged buyer well there’s two ways one if it’s a pre registered user you can use your Google Analytics to see which people got to that abandoned cart and see who has stuff still in their cart and you send them a email sequence of reminders so first in the email I would start with number one and

incentive so you might could give them a little bit of a discount on the product or you might get them a BOGO or

something just to incentivize them to make that purchase second you can offer some type of scarcity so if you make the incentive offer and they still don’t buy then you can make some sort of scarcity claim so you can say hey this offer goes away in 24 hours or it goes away in three days or the value we added to it let’s say you added an

the product in addition to this goes away by midnight tonight so the second email in your cart abandonment series would be that scarcity email third is just a reminder right before the cart expiration or whatever send them a reminder saying hey you left this in here don’t know if you meant to or not remember we gave you a deal and it also goes away at a time so here’s your final reminder that what you’ve given three touch points where normally they would have had a zero so one way to boost online sales is a cart abandonment email series

the second way to boost online sales is something Amazon does really well when you click on to their cart page or your Buy Now page you’ll see at the bottom where it says people also bought and then they’ll be three or four products this is great because you can match similar things together so for example if someone’s buying a hammer you might show them people also bought nails or people also bought a tool belt where you can put the hammer and that way you can get in those upsells and cross-sells that maybe people hadn’t thought of before because that will she end up buying a hammer I’ll probably want to buy some nails and then all of a sudden instead of going up to Lowe’s or Home Depot when they get the hammer doesn’t need two nails they buy it in your store so number two way is to offer a people also bought or related products section on your purchase page number three way to boost online sales is your one-click upsell page or a one-time offer page so when people put something in their cart and they click buy now before you take them to the checkout page insert in a one-time offer or a one-click upsell so going back to our last example if people put in a hammer then when they click buy now you show them a pop-up that says hey do you want to add these nails for five dollars I’m working with a company right now that sells key fobs and they do a really cool version of this so you purchase the key fob which is a little thing you click to open your car-door and when you click purchase a little pop-up comes up that says would you like to buy a lifetime warranty for I think it’s 695 so that’s your one-click upsell that people might not have thought of before but they’re like we’ll shoot if I lose the key again just seven dollars I get a replacement it’s pretty good boom the company makes another seven dollars that might add another 10 percent to their bottom line this is another great way to increase online sales is showing the one-click upsell or the one-time offer page right before the checkout number four way to boost online sales is an exit intent pop-up so I don’t always love using pop-ups on webpages because people usually tune them out and they’re annoying

however sometimes people are just going to click away from your sites so my thinking is that I would rather try and get the person one last time before they leave did not try it all so you can do this by adding an exit intent pop-up so when people maybe move their mouse off the screen to click back or they move it to X out the browser it wouldn’t it would pop up and say wait we’ll give you 10% off or wait by now and we’ll upgrade your purchase or we’ll give you two of the price of one something like that it just gets people at that last second decision and they’re not super high converting but it is a way to get that last 1 or 2 percent that might make a big difference your number 5 way to boost online sales is kind of a ninja trick and it is to add a testimonial right before the buy button because people buy based off of how much they trust a product or company right so if they see a person with a smiling face and a glowing testimonial right above that buy button that might be that final push they need to get over the I don’t want to buy hump so the fifth way to increase your online sales is to add a testimonial right above the Buy button and that will increase it so there you have it five ways to increase and boost your online sales if you’re having trouble try out some of those and you might get that extra 5 10 15 percent that you need hope that helped now Brandon style is a digital marketer from Atlanta please subscribe below get a lot more cool videos tips and tricks and I’ll see you guys next time thanks a lot

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