alright guys the time has come we are leaving Miami Beach for the next few weeks we just traveled to the airport checked in went through security and are now chilling out at the lounge until we get on a first flight to Toronto I must say I’m very sad to leave Miami Beach but on the other hand and the other hand it’s going to be nice to be in Austria again for a little bit see the family see the cat see the apartment but as I mentioned it’s not going to be for long we’re going to be travelling on before we know we’re going to be back in Miami I’m still going to grab a cup of coffee and get a few hours maybe one hour of work done and then we’re boarding the plane back to Toronto and from there to Amsterdam let’s do this

don’t make just arrived in Canada spent the last hour on the planet its particles if flight urgently need to find the land right now Mike well was going on terminal 3 terminal 3 yeah I should yes that’s we all the International flats departure from there’s a five minute walk maybe fifteen I’m already missing Miami and there is you come home I have to try let me come home

I have to book a flight sternman very often when I have a cold right after it I get a cold sauce so I bought myself from the river but unfortunately I lost it on the last plane so now I’m on a mission to find a pharmacy here in the airport that might have it when we ship the habit so the Machine wouldn’t accept my credit card without a pen so I went and got cash Canadian dollars which I don’t need and now the machine doesn’t take cash either yes I got it I had to make somebody pay for it for me but I got it I found a vending machine that has the cream it wouldn’t accept my card so I went and got cash in egg cash so then I had to convince somebody that I’m not a ripoff just to pay it with his credit card and I hidden cash

spiked up quickly bye thank you for help thank you bye it’s not be later anything right okay perfect make after that all right after breakfast and a cup of coffee we feel refreshed and energized now let’s look at about two hours here at Absalom at the airport before we fly to Austria we just booked the cheap economy class ticket between Amsterdam and Austria because it’s a two-hour flight that doesn’t really pay off but that means we don’t have lounge access so unfortunately we have to sit out in the Sun and just enjoy the nice weather we’re not out sleeping we’re both tired but we got to push through and only sleep the next time when we are at home ready to go to bed at like 10 11 o’clock at night that way we won’t have jet lag we’ll basically skip the deadline

you all right we’re pretty much settled in at home I just met us a Thai curry so we can have something healthy to eat before we go to bed and that was a long travel but now we’re here with the cats next two weeks are going to be all about grinding and getting work done thanks for watching don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you’re new I’ll see you guys in our next vlog remember to stay awesome be positive end.

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