A Small Tweak to Quickly Improve FACEBOOK ADS Targeting

Today I wanted to go over one really quick way you can automatically improve your Facebook ads starting today so if you’ve ever created or even muddled with Facebook ads you know that there are essentially three steps to getting an ad gun right you select your campaign objective and then you kind of work on your ad set which is basically your audience you’re picking your audience in the ad set and then you create the ad which is all the ad creative right makes sense it’s your headline it’s your image your body copy links all that kind of stuff well today I wanted to talk about the ad set and just like I said the ad set is where you go in and kind of pick out and narrow down your audience keyword they’re being narrowed down when you first click on an ad set and when you first start picking out your audience the first three things that Facebook shows you are one pick the location of the people you want to target picks the ages of the people you want to target and then pick the gender so you can either select all or male or female and I see a lot of people and a lot of people that are new to Facebook ads just kind of breeze through this they say well shoot I’m gonna target everyone in the United States or if it’s a local business I’m gonna just target everyone in my state and I’m gonna do 18 to 65 and I’m gonna target male and females I’m just gonna get everybody and it’s gonna be great this is not what you should be doing because think about it would 65 year old females need the same message as an 18 year old male all right or would a 50 year old male living in South Georgia

need the same message as a 50 year old male living in New York City like straight up downtown Manhattan no they wouldn’t so this is an important area to not breeze through this is actually where you need to do a little bit of thinking because kind of what we’ve talked about with marketing is that you’re going to be showing ads to cold traffic you’re going to be showing ads to warm traffic and then you’re going to be showing ads the hot traffic and kind of helping them go down that funnel to where they turn into customers or clients but that also includes even at the very top where you’re dealing with the cold audience you don’t just want to appeal to everyone and you can’t

necessarily create one cold traffic ad and just

I showed everyone in the u.s. 1865 male and female because all three of those different targets have very different needs so that’s one really quick way you can improve your facebook ads targeting and your relevant score is by even narrowing down the location to within to going from all the u.s. to maybe 10 miles of your home city depending on what business you’re in obviously and then targeting by age bracket so maybe you’re going 18 to 25 25 to 30 30 to 40 40 to 50 and so on because basically each decade has its individual needs beliefs you’re right you’re separating it from Generation Y to generation Z to Baby Boomers to Millennials all those people respond differently to different messaging so before you just breeze by that section take some time to think about who your audience might be even if it’s a cold audience and think about how you can narrow it down to improve your relevancy score and get your cost per click and click-through rate lower and higher all right in that order on your Facebook ad I’m Brandon Stiles from a digital marketer in Atlanta Georgia please subscribe to this channel if that was helpful I hope it did help so the next time you’re creating a cold traffic ad to people that haven’t heard of your company

don’t breeze through those basic

demographics think about what you want your ad to say and then target your demographics and your audience to appeal to that message see you next time

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