Best Paying Jobs WITHOUT a Degree

More and more people are considering not going to college so I thought I’d make a list of the top seven jobs that are decently high paying without a college degree stay tuned so more and more employees are choosing and hiring people based on skills and work experience over

education these are known as new collar jobs so before you might have heard the term of blue collar jobs and you might have heard the term of white collar jobs the blue collar jobs are people that typically worked in factories or people that had worked with their hands think of like you know auto mechanics or people that work in manufacturing and with the white collar workers these are people that are typically behind a desk or had a quote-unquote desk job so those are the differences but the new collar jobs these people are typically getting their work through vocational training or some sort of apprenticeship rather than formal education so these jobs are particularly common in healthcare IT and manufacturing which we’ll see by the list that I’m providing to you in a little bit here so organizations have begun to search for employees with the right skills rather than the right degree and some companies are even offering paid training programs for job candidates which are which are similar to apprenticeships so here’s a list of the top seven new collar jobs which are the best paying for relatively little to no education or money upfront number one is a computer programmer so computer programmers create write and test code that allows computer programs and applications to function both of my brother-in-law’s are actually some sort of computer programmer in one form or another and both of them have four-year degrees but I believe with their passion and their side projects they could land a job easily just based on their project resume they don’t even need to have a four-year degree and I’m sure they can be

easily employable so computer

programmers typically need to know a variety of computer languages obviously and they might work for a computer systems or a software company and they can work for software publishers or financial companies I know in the area that I live in there’s a lot of big insurance companies and a lot of big banks that employ a ton of computer programmers some of the benefits of being a computer programmer or that you can work from home or work flexibly just because you don’t necessarily need to be in the office you can just log in and work through the internet and as long as you’re getting your work done based on what my brother-in-law’s say I mean you can take a decent amount of off of work you don’t physically need to be there as long as you’re getting your projects done so while many computer programmers do have a bachelor’s degree as I mentioned it’s not really needed any longer as long as you can prove your resume and show projects to your employer and you know what you’re talking about

so the median pay for a computer programmer is right around seventy thousand eight hundred and forty dollars a year which is very strong especially if you live in an area with low cost of living number two a computer security analyst so these people are also known as information security analysts and they help protect an organization’s computer network and systems so if you’ve heard about all those stories about ransomware and IT hacks and email hacks these are the people that help prevent that I actually work in IT and I work with directly with these people that help prevent these attacks and they help support these companies after these attacks happen in terms of backing up their emails and trying to protect all their files so companies are now emphasizing skills and computer science programming and IT security over a specific degree these people have a much faster than average growth rate and you can see that the average earnings of these people is ninety two thousand dollars a year roughly my one buddy also works in IT security and he mentioned to me that certificates are really what separate people apart and really get you those big pay raises

so more certs equal more money so consider this if you’re looking for new employment or a job that’s actually in very

high demand right now number three computer support specialist are you guys starting to see a common theme here a lot of IT jobs are opening up and they don’t necessarily need the four-year bachelor’s degree so a computer support specialist provides help for people and companies with their computer equipment and software whether it’s internally or externally you can work for people on behalf of a client and be their support network or you can be the support person within a company that people within the company go to and they need help so computer support specialists generally do not need a college degree and that’s why they’re on this list instead they need computer knowledge as the other two positions previous to this one and as well as communication and people skills because you’re dealing with a lot of people that have errors I know that I’ve used the person at my company multiple times and I try to be as nice as possible to him so he doesn’t get annoyed with me most companies will require computer support specialists to actually go through a cert program so you need to get certain certifications before you’re qualified to do this job some companies that I know of actually start people out at a very junior level and as you’re working you’re

accumulating these certifications and you can get pay raises like that as well this job is experiencing faster than average growth rate because so many companies are having more and more employees either working remotely or working on a desktop or a workstation aka a computer so the average salary for these people is right around 52,000 dollars a year which again for not having a college degree is pretty good number four medical sonographer aka and ultrasound tech so a scenographer works under the direction of a doctor to produce ultrasound images for patients so ultrasound Tech’s they work in hospitals they can work in doctors offices and labs they can work out patient or impatient but while some people have a bachelor’s degree in this field is not necessarily needed and there’s a lot of associate programs and also one-year certifications this job is experiencing much faster than average growth rate and the average pay is right around sixty four thousand dollars per year I did do some research on reddit and I just typed in

ultrasound tech and I’m getting mixed reviews all the labor reports say that this job is in super high demand but some people on reddit are saying they’re having a hard time you know landing this position it may just be geographical based on their market but the numbers in terms of salary are definitely a congruent with one another based on the labor statistics and based on what people reporting on reddit

that’s sixty-four thousand dollar per year average earnings is right on the button I think number five database administrator so a database admin is someone who actually stores and

organizes data using specialized software so this sounds complicated but there’s a lot of courses online to where you can actually take and learn this it just depends on how complex your company’s database is so a database admin essentially makes sure that the data is secure and available to the people who need it most

who work within these different

databases internally as long as you’re strong and proficient in certain data based languages like sequel SQL

employers are actually employing people without four-year degrees and the good news is that this job is experiencing a much faster than average growth rate and the average salary is right around eighty-five thousand dollars per year which is awesome for no four year degree number six a tool and die maker

so finally a manufacturing or a

blue-collar job makes the list most of these has been have been white-collar jobs so tool and dying manufacturers are a type of machinists that set up and operate various mechanically and machine controlled tools such as CNC machines and things like that these tools are used to produce tools needed for the manufacturing process which i think is pretty cool so tool and die makers can learn through apprenticeship programs vocational schools technical colleges and through the job on training so these are all factors that I mentioned earlier and factors and signs of the new collar jobs coming up in 2018 tool and die maker positions are among the higher-end paid in terms of a manufacturing gig and although it’s not higher than the IT jobs or the medical jobs that we saw it’s still coming in at 43160 dollars on average per year and obviously

only goes up from there last but not least we have a radiology tech aka a radiographer so radiographers work under doctors and they help them take x-rays and evaluate x-rays with the physician themselves radiographers typically work in doctors offices hospitals

laboratories and outpatient care centers so most of them actually have an associate’s degree or an MRI or

radiology technology degree and these programs typically take right around 18 months to two years to complete so although this is similar to an

associate’s degree it’s still not a four-year degree making this one of the best paying jobs without college so there are also certificate programs that take one to two years but most the reports I’m seeing are people with those 18 months to two year program degrees so this job is experiencing faster than average growth and the median or average excuse me the average salary is right around forty-five thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars per year I wanted to share some of these best paying jobs without a college degree because I really think it’s important for people to consider alternatives other than just you know going the norm and getting a four-year college degree I do have a four-year college degree with also a minor and entrepreneurship my bachelor’s degree is in finance and I graduated longer ago and I’m trying to admit but I’m glad I went to college I’m glad I got the social experience but to be quite honest with you I learned most of the things I learned online or just through books or going to the library College taught me how to learn and how to keep an organized calendar and schedule in order to be able to pass with you know decent grades but other than that it was definitely worth the social experience but when you look at the price of some of these colleges now four-year degrees can exceed six figures which is just insane in my opinion I’m thirty I don’t know how old you know I’m gonna be when I have kids but ultimately I think College as we know it today is definitely gonna be different when my kids turn 18 compared to when I was 18 and I started to go to college all in all I’m glad I went to a college and experienced the college life but I don’t know there could be better alternatives out there especially when you look at the financial

thank you so much for watching I hope you got value out of this video please share the video with one friend who is considering maybe going to college maybe not going to college and let them know that there are options out there other than the four-year degree

thank you so much and have a prosperous day dude there’s a kegger on Vine Street and then we’re gonna hit up exchange and then we’re gonna go to Brown dorms dude it’s gonna be a banger we’re gonna hit up the valley after that I cannot wait it’s gonna be.

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