Blog Post Ideas: How to Find Great Ones

I’m gonna show you how to find good blog post ideas so that you can rank easy in Google and that you can bring traffic to your site and put more so more do it every day

beside as you can see I have not prepared my hair for today it’s lazy Sunday wife’s out of town so I am just kind of mobile in the house I had a good cup of coffee and ready to make a video so let’s jump into how to create and find great blog post you are homepage and the first thing you’re gonna want to do is type in keywords everywhere I’m not typing there we go keywords everywhere Chrome extension will get you there faster click on this now what keywords everywhere does is the problem that the Google Keyword planner has is that now it doesn’t show you how many times people are searching for certain keywords a month and and it kind of does but it gives you super broad value so it’s not very helpful

so what keywords everywhere does is it will show you how many times a certain keyword or keyphrase is getting searched per month on Google and it will show you right there on the returns page or on the search engine results page another cool thing is that you can just click on the little star next to the keyword and it will automatically send it to a CSV so that you don’t have to keep track or write down all these keywords you can just add them to the CSV and download them all at once so what you do is you i’ve already added it to Chrome but if you haven’t you just click that and then it will show up at the top and then keywords everywhere is ready to go so when you get it installed it will be up here and you can click on that and there are a few settings update settings bulk uploads favorite keywords by Bach so let’s check a look at my favorite keywords let’s take a look at my favorite keywords so I was doing some SEO research for a radon mitigation company

that I’m helping and that’s kind of what I’ve got so far and as you can see you can see the keyword you can see how often that keywords getting searched so how much does it rate on tests cost is getting searched three hundred ninety times a month the cost per click is three dollars and thirty cents the competition is 54 so what that means is it’s a scale of zero to one The Closer that number is to 1 the harder it is to rank on the first page when the first 10 results for that keyword so in this case Georgia radar map is not very hard it’s a point 1 5 but let’s say metro Atlanta radon mitigation would be pretty tough it’s a point 7 1 this one will be even to ever point 75 Atlanta radon

mitigation now how can you tell what’s too competitive and what’s not well ideally the Moz da score for your website which is your domain Authority score you want the competition to be equal to or less than your da score okay so let’s take a look if you want to check that you can go to or actually go to open site Explorer comm which is bought by Moz and then you just type in your website here so let’s type in something like wedding wire calm so this is a domain Authority or da of not 89 which is really high as you can see the Fed of 100 and it has a page Authority meaning that homepage of 61 which is also really really high anytime you get 35 and above that’s doing really well so anyhow when you’re looking at competition you want the competition to be equal to or less than your domain Authority or your page Authority in Mazdas open site Explorer so what that clears that up

moving to the right you can see the volume in the US the cost per click in the US and the competition in the u.s.

sometimes these will be pretty similar and sometimes they’re not so if you’re just focused on us obviously you want to check that if you’re more an

international brain

and obviously you want to do more with the left side so that’s how the keywords everywhere tool looks all right once we’ve installed keywords everywhere we’re going to install another Chrome extension called SEO quake so type that in we’re going to select that and then you install SEO quake it’s free and what it allows you to do that’s different from keywords everywhere I use these two chrome extensions in conjunction with each other so this allows you to do on-page audits you can look at backlinks you can compare your domains and all that kind of stuff so it’s really really a cool and convenient SEO plugin so you’re just going to install that and when you click that I’ve already done it it’s going to install up here you can see this little icon there that means SEO quake is installed and you can see this is giving me information for the SEO quake page so this gets about sixty six thousand visits a month

most people say here about two minutes the bounce rates forty percent most of its direct traffic so it’s a cool plugin now let’s go into how to find great blog posts because what does writing a great blog post do well let’s take a wedding vendor for example since we’re kind of on that so it would be very very hard to rank for wedding DJ just in the United States okay because you’re dealing with tens of thousands of wedding DJ

companies not only that but if you’re in Georgia then you don’t want to rank number one for wedding DJ in Oregon because most likely that people in Oregon are not going to hire you and fly you out and all that stuff so for a lot of businesses you want to rank locally that’s good because it’s a lot easier to rank local than it is to rank national because you’re dealing you’re going from maybe 10,000 companies to maybe just a hundred or 50 or twenty or however many is in your industry okay so that’s the first thing you’re thinking about is that you want to see if you can get specific and you want to make sure that you can rank for your block

so let’s say you are a wedding DJ in Atlanta so I’m going to go to Google real quick and we’re going to see how competitive that topic is so I’m going to type in Atlanta wedding DJ so SEO quake is going to tell us this that this gets searched about 480 times a month which is pretty good because it’s local search cost per click as 525 and the competition is 54 so it’s a little bit on the high side anything kind of about 35 or 30 is kind of pretty competitive so this would be hard to rank fool on the first page for Atlanta wedding DJ without time lots of resources back let’s see who’s ranked number one so the not it is ranked number one that’s a really hard side to beat out wedding wires to gig masters is three so these are all kind of conglomerate directory websites Yelp is number four and then finally number five we get into go DJ’s which is your first kind of real organic result it’s a real company and then after that you get into phonics

entertainment sci-fi entertainment and so on and so forth so really these top four are hard to beat out so to rank for Atlanta wedding DJ it’s gonna take money it’s gonna take time it’s gonna take backlinks it’s gonna take reviews all kinds of things like that so if that’s hard to do how can you get your website ranked number one for something that gets searched a lot that’s related to your industry

well that is we’re finding good blog post ideas comes in handy that makes it really easy to rank in the top spot the second spot or whatever for your industry without having to necessarily rank for Atlanta wedding DJ so let’s figure out how we do that so the first thing I want to think of is well actually the first thing I want to do is scroll down and look at Google’s suggested related searches so let’s go through this Atlanta wedding DJ

prices it’s getting starts 10 times a month not a lot hey Lana hip-hop DJ’s 70 times a month the competition is low here at 26 but it’s not a lot of search volume so I am going to go into this site called keyword calm and

what keyword does is you can

plug in your main keyword which in this case is Atlanta wedding DJ and as you can see when you’ve got keywords everywhere turned on it will propagate that name and it will give you the search volume competition and stuff we’re gonna do is you’re not go to keywords and what this does is it adds it’s like google related search on steroids so it’s going to add terms after Atlanta wedding DJ and before and we’re gonna see if we can find any gold in this so it’s still running in the background and I’m scrolling down wedding DJ in Atlanta now that is different than Atlanta wedding DJ but as you can see it’s a little bit more competitive so that doesn’t help us much so as you can see this is kind of a bit of a wild goose chase because you’re just guessing and then you’re using terms that come up in this to inspire you and see if you can find other keywords that might do well so Atlanta wedding DJ and keyword didn’t

pan out great so let’s start to think of things that are related to this industry so Lana wedding DJ maybe we could do Atlanta wedding venues so that’s getting searched 5400 times a month and the competition is 0.49

so that’s a little bit better let’s see if we can find a needle in the haystack down here so what I’m doing is I’m first and foremost looking at competition and that’s good because it’s on the end so I’m looking for something low that has good search volume by the way another cool thing about keywords everywhere let’s go into this is that you can update your settings and you can actually say you can actually tell the extent

to highlight volume and competition so I’ve got it set to highlight anything that’s greater than 350 search terms that has competition less than 0.3 or 30% and what that will do is it will highlight any words that fit that criteria so it actually makes a little bit quicker to scroll around so let’s not do that that didn’t have anything let’s do another one let’s go from Atlanta to Georgia and let’s make our term a little bit broader let’s go to Georgia wedding and I’m scrolling down there’s a blue one

Athens Georgia wedding venues get search 720 times a month and the competition is 0.24 so that’s fairly low and that’s something that you could rank easily on so what I’m going to do is I’m going to copy this and I’m going to open a new tab I’m going to paste that into the search bar right here and I’m just going to take out that and let’s see what ranks the top so the nod wedding spot here comes the guide wedding wire event active Oconee events

so let’s just take a look at this first at this event active thing so this looks a lot like what wedding wire would be which is like a directory of wedding events so what I’m thinking is this so here’s the Athens wedding directory so that’s on the first page but look there’s not a lot of information here so if I can just take a blog post about Athens Georgia wedding venues and make it better than this which wouldn’t be very hard to do that’s just a picture in two paragraphs then Google will rank that higher it might take a day it might take a week but eventually I will get a slice of those 720 search queries a month you seen him saying so this is probably what I would do with this keyword I would write a top ten list of Athens Georgia wedding venues and I would maybe Google Image Search for two pictures of each venue so 20 pictures total and then I would write 3 to 500 words on each venue so you’re looking at a 3,000 word post doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or super poetic and Shakespearean it just needs to give good value and you put it up and then what you could do is reach out to those wedding venues and say hey we featured you in this post we’d love to work with you maybe come on as a preferred vendor and if nothing else could you post this on social media I’ve actually done this before and I believe eight of the 10 venues I reached out to actually used that post and I got some work from it so that is one way to find good blog posts that are not too competitive that will get you traffic so let’s go away from wedding industry stuff and let’s find another one so I’m gonna close out these tabs I’m just gonna show you one more time how to do it so let’s say I was a lawyer in Colorado okay so we’re gonna type in Colorado lawyers and let’s look at these results so it gets searched 120 times a month and the competition is 0.45 so I’m looking at this it’s not a lot of search volume and the

competition’s a little bit high for what that search volume is so if this was getting searched maybe 1200 times a month 10,000 it might be worth it to try and rank for that even though it would be tough because if you can even just get on the first page we’re in the top five results you might get really a latch on to some traffic but this is a lot of competition to go up against for just 120 searches a month so if I was a lawyer in Colorado

I’m probably not gonna try and rank for that or get a blog post rank for that but I’m thinking what kind of problems my people in Colorado have that they would need a lawyer for and I’m thinking of Colorado City it’s like I’m thinking of Denver and Breckenridge and things like that so I’m gonna scroll down first to the trusted related searches and I’m not seeing very much there either all right so let’s get a little bit more specific this time let’s go to let’s type in Denver lawyers so this one gets searched almost the same as Colorado lawyers so the first results look like kind of directories and then we get our first organic result at number eight for David Gibbons law or guidance law so Scylla that’s not helping us a lot now look at this personal injury lawyers in Denver 720 results a month the cost per click is super high two hundred fifty two dollars but let’s click on that and see what we’ve got

so I’m automatically because this is so competitive it’s 69 hey I’m going to scroll down and see if there’s anything else personal injury law firm Denver okay look at all the costs per clicks on this 415 to 51 to 53 that’s a lot so I am going to go to keyword and

I’m going to type in car accident Denver right because that’s related to personal injury I’m gonna see what comes up with that now look at this car accident Denver comes up with 320 surgeons a month but a competition score of 0.28 car accident Denver Colorado is a hundred and ten a month but only a point seventeen so let’s scroll down and see if we can find not here fatal car accident Denver today so that sounds like a newspaper probably not going to target that

so I’m gonna start over so if keyword shooter

you’re just not finding anything what else can you do well you’re gonna go over here to answer the public comm and answer the public is a really cool resource and it’s got this little old man that kind of barks at you there he is he’s having a good time you select your language which is probably English and then you want to type in car accident now what this does is it gives you a lot of it gives you the top questions asked about car accidents the top prepositions comparisons of medicals all that stuff now the cool thing is that when you’ve got SEO quake and you’ve got keywords everywhere it turned on this will not only give you questions that are asked but it will also give you their search volume so look at this car accident report 600 times a month and it gets searched and the competition is point to one so this could be one of those things where you write about how to file a car accident report or what to look for in that and I go down to prepositions car accident Toledo Ohio anyone watching from Toledo Ohio that’s a personal injury lawyer you should capitalize on that car accident


Carson Utah car accident this morning car accident statistics News ok so this looks like a little broad to me so what I might do is let’s type in personal injury we’re talking about personal injury law right so let’s see what comes up with that so answer the public is going to take a few minutes and it came up with 97 questions now once it propagates and loads it loads in this kind of circle where you can look at how are will okay and where all that kind of stuff

but if you go here into data it will make it a little bit easier to read so once again I’m looking for anything bluh so as you can see sometimes this is just a little bit of a throw stuff against the wall and see what works you can see it takes a while to find good keywords with moderate amounts of search and low competition but personal injury protection twenty four hundred a month point two six by the way when you find a good one if you click that star then it will add it to that keywords everywhere CSV Excel page that we looked at earlier personal injury definition so yeah like I said it sometimes it takes a little time of searching to to find a good keyword but it’s worth it

because if you can find a keyword that is searched a lot that has low

competition you can get on that first page of Google really easily I did this with a certain term in my wedding industry that was getting searched eight hundred eighty times a month and had a point oh one competition score and I was just able to include that keyword in the top of the page and an h1 tag and I ranked like overnight and that’s where a ton of my traffic comes from so it is worth it to find these golden keywords but people know how to do this stuff and so sometimes it just takes a while to find good ones but when you do it reaps rewards now let’s talk about what you do when you find a topic so let’s say you found a topic that got a lot of search volume with low competition well the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to put that keyword in or the key phrase in the title and in an h1 tag sometimes does it be the same in your blog post and that lets people know okay that’s what this page is about next you want to add in some LSI keywords and LSI keywords stands for latent semantic indexing he word basically they’re synonyms so if you were typing let’s go back to wedding DJ you might also type in DJ for a wedding or you might type in wedding reception DJ these are keywords that mean the same thing but they’re not exactly the same because Google doesn’t want you just stuffing keywords and spamming people just to game the system they want to see what your page is about they want to read down it with their BOTS and say this is what this page is about and it looks like it’s good information so let’s shoot it up to the top you also want to try and go between two thousand three thousand words for a blog post because most people want the really in-depth content and so if you’re able to provide that versus just a hundred 200 word post that doesn’t have a lot of good information we saw one earlier when we looked at those the Athens wedding directory with two pages on our two paragraphs on it Google wants in-depth information because people that get on Google want a quick answer so if you can give an in-depth concise detailed in-depth answer then people are like hey Google did this for me and get on them and people come back and use it so it’s in Google’s best interest to show them the best pages so hopefully that helped when you’re looking for blog post ideas so instead of just writing something and being like I don’t get it this didn’t work no one’s coming to the page look for things that people are searching for so you could write the best blog post on let’s say can personal injury settlement be garnished but it doesn’t look like it’s getting searched at all so people might not visit that because they’re not looking for it but maybe you could find a different way to say that let’s let’s try personal injury settlement garnished so maybe we could try wage garnished at the right word weight garnished let’s just do wage garnished so let’s scroll down I’m not seeing any blue not seeing any blue no blue

all right way

garnishment in Texas is getting searched 480 times a month and the competitions really low so let’s copy that and see what the top results for for that wage garnishment in Texas open up a new tab paste it in so the first thing is nella com that’s pretty popular this gives a really quick rich snippet on how that works

but let’s look at what this top one looks like this is a pretty long post fairly long not too long no pictures or anything let’s go back and look at number two so see these are not super long posts so what I’m thinking is if you can come up with a little bit better title like Texas Way wage garnishments in Texas :

what you need to know and then filled it with really easy actionable quick information you could probably rank on this first page for that and then you would be getting a piece of the pie for 480 searches a month so you would write about think about what people are looking for when they’re looking up wage garnishments like what kind of questions do they have what do they need to know about how it might affect their personal life and their home life what are some other resources you can point to who are some businesses you could reach out to to let them know you’ve got this new article all these things you need to be thinking about when you’re writing blog posts so to sum this all up you’re looking for keywords that are getting searched I would say over 500 times anything over a thousand is really good but at least 500 400 or so you’re looking for competition below what your DEA score is in the open sex floor on Moz and you want to make it over 2,000 words and really helpful and answer questions that people are who are searching this in Google are trying to answer so hope that helps that is how you can find great blog post ideas that will drive traffic to your site and hopefully get you some more business so I’m Brandon Stiles I’m a digital marketer in Atlanta please subscribe below I’m gonna make all kinds of more videos to teach you the digital

marketing and sales funnel landscapes.

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