hey guys it’s Friday afternoon we’re just enjoying this epic epic sunset going again over this game Bay this evening Carlton urgent got to come by for burgers which is really going to be nice to catch up a little bit and chat with those two guys and for the rest of the weekend we’re still going to have to do a little bit of work obviously but I’m sure we’ll get to do some fun things as well at the GoPro mounted to the outside of the window except about my iphone I like the framing nicely let’s get the kind of stuff it

right muted we’re at a favorite food store getting all the provisions for the teeth name

Jack stuck at the flower this is my new sous vide coca and I actually it can control this device via my iphone I can set the temperature which is going to be for my hamburger 62 degrees and then I can just hit play and magic he it starts plus Copland Jenny just left we had a fantastic dinner the burger was

delicious and the company was fun we had a good laugh but I forgot to vlog anything of this evening just because of the windrow myself so much I think right I think so yeah so sure but now we’re tired i’m always sad because i have to wake up early mmm so we’re gonna go up to bed not seek us it is gorgeous gorgeous weather outside so i’m gonna grab my electric skateboard and i’m going to go out for a ride to the beach such a good distance gate here unlike miami beach even roads no bumps but a lot of people are today

you got to drive slowly and you gotta drive carefully gage responsibly bar go to destroying grabs coffee somewhere now I think it’d be long enough that I stayed away from snapchat and from now on I start snapping and also I’m going to utilize snapchats to keep you guys some awesome business cards and

Thursdays part of Europe out of the u.s.

any happy client on sheer snapchat so you’ll get it right time because sharing them on the blood going to be difficult once the blog is online the deals might be gone this is my snapchat account so just take a second to scan the snapchat code and you guys can follow me on there and get some insight on some awesome life feels alright i’m heading back to the apartment coffee was good see you later it’s craziness going on in there

alright just got back from the apple store and they are going to repair my macbook free of charge luckily

fortunately I’m without a Mac now for the next three to five days although I am hoping that they’re going to be much faster than that and maybe the Mac will be ready on Tuesday now it’s Sunday I’m just going to work on I guess again which is quite fitting because the new name of the agency is going to be can’t tell you yet thanks for tuning in guys if you liked the video give me a thumbs up I’ll see you the next block stay awesome because Delta Academy.

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