CHEAPEST way to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

last night we stayed in the Marina Bay Sands this was a pretty big splurge for us not how we would normally travel back home so this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for us so we really want to make sure that the aughts if you have some about bucket list items along the way and to me definitely the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands with a huge bucket list is when in order to budget for some of these funds that was items we’re saving on some things so that we can splurge big on others for example tonight we’re staying in Little India in a hotel in a door when we’re traveling through Southeast Asia

we’re mainly going to be staying in guest houses and Abbey’s ourselves so that we can afford to do the activities that we really want to do so it’s definitely a little bit different to what we had last night we will probably never ever say somewhere that night every but right now it is getting dark it is been a time

we were walking down the street on our way to dinner and we stumbled across this amazing path it’s just full of brightly colored painted elephants Brittany we just finished eating dinner and we’re walking back to our hostel and we stumbled across some wall painted animals only this time it’s

we’re leaving Singapore today and heading to Kuala Lumpur today is going to be a pretty long travel day I think the bus is like five hours and we decided to start this travel day by walking to the bus


gota bus tickets and now my job to go and find snacks maybe this pastor and Robles

didn’t have any luck with the pasta place but

the perfect bus snacks

but everyone sees eight and nine the first the bus Thank You Jay

best time

they tasted such barbecue

anything on the bus to town 45 minutes brilliant

we’re in Malaysia yes

I loved it in Asia they just stuck in random places and they just like get up the best popping out so when are in Singapore we went on to the trained underground and the sign was like no smoking no weapon no durian and I know what a jury so Sally she’s pointed one out these the jury ins for anyone that doesn’t know Aryan and they stink japanese life different

there’s no Apple

that’s why it doesn’t taste like apple look how much it looks like yeah we’re attempting to walk them up hey I’m fine with no Google Maps and we think it’s this way

we made it we’re in kale that is the first of many travel days done we left our hostel at 9:45 this morning it is now 6:30 p.m. that was a very but check out the view from our roof

we made it to the math you came back to cave naturally forming limestone caves there are 4 million years old and yet up to that I’m gonna be a good workout and hopefully along the way we’re gonna see some monkey

so we made it to the top of one of the staircases we’re not sure if this is the very top because we need to go down through a cave and I think I can see some more stairs the other side of the cave but this

first set of caves these limestone caves might get their beautiful really nice up here so as I was walking up they made me put a sarong on to cover my knees because apparently I wasn’t modest enough I find it really unfair that Edie doesn’t have to cover his knees and I do yeah these caves

a massive

we made it to the top it’s really beautiful the view up here was definitely what got screamed at the people like selling stuff you can feed to the monkeys and so many people are feeding the monkey why would you feed the monkeys is definitely Arabia and they’re really scared of white people feeding pigeons the rats of this guy thousands of people here saving pigeons and like taking photos with pigeons we started I’ve had pigeons in his head the road rise fruit we didn’t really know.

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