Content Marketing: Finding Good Ideas (Funnel Vision Ep. 1)

I wanted to show you a cool trick on how to come up with new cool content to write about that is relevant to your customer or to your clients so everyone knows nowadays that content marketing is kind of the thing to do still at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 because when you write good content and you throw in some good keywords and synonyms and you help people and you give me give me give me give good looks at that and they say wow this is a really nice guy I want to we’re gonna shoot him up the ranks so that other people can find out how nice of a guide this guy is and we’re gonna spread the wealth and he’s giving a lot to good information so on and so forth people do it through videos through blog posts through podcasts all kinds of things and Google’s getting really good at even being able to take a video like the one I’m doing right now kind of hear the audio and be able to tell what the video is about and place it accordingly based on speech so it’s pretty cool and I can only imagine that technology will get better but that being said people have a hard time coming up with good content because a lot of folks will say how do you get up in the search result pages and the Guru’s and the teachers they say we’ll just create good content and that’s kind of like saying well to get stronger just work out well shoot do I’d go in and do bench do I go in and run like what’s my routine because you don’t want to create content that a no one wants and B that’s not quote good so today I’m going to show you how to do that by seeking out conventions in your industry so for example let’s say I was trying to reach plastic surgeons or I was trying to help plastic surgeons either I was a marketing company or a website company something like that so I would go here to Google and I would type in plastic surgeon conferences I think it was maybe Dan Kennedy who said if there are enough people that it warrants a conference there’s enough people to sell to in

nitch so what I would look for is any conferences over here so Plastic Surgery conferences 2017-18 plastic surgery the meeting okay this is pretty cool

click on that and when this comes up what I’m going to do is look at probably programming I’m going to scroll down and all over here is the schedule of this conference now I’m going to click in to reboot your practice and when this loads up we’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna see the workshops for the day so I’m gonna click in just day to scroll down a little bit more and now here right here are the topics being talked about at this big conference that’s being attended by everyone that would be in your ideal area so here are some great kind of pre proven topics to write about the science of the interview process how to recruit and pick a winner resume from the pile staffing challenges filtering the leads who should come in techniques to win over new enquiries and patients all of these just reword them a little bit fair game for creating a really good content that you already know people are going to care about so let’s get out of plastic surgery let’s say if I was just doing small business small business conferences

I’m gonna scroll down a little bit so I kind of find a actual name of one small business expo sometimes you’ve got to dig around the knees a little bit so I might say shows let’s see one coming up Dallas you’re gonna scroll down I’m just looking for agenda or guide here’s agenda and once this loads up I’m just gonna scroll down and see if there’s anything cool how much would you give me for my business so that could be one you could write something about how to sell your business or how to evaluate how much your business might be worth here’s one page 1 of Google search how to get there and stay there

write a book transform your business how writing a book can skyrocket your revenue how to buy real estate at 30 to 40% of the market price

there’s tons of gold in here and these people that have been asked to speak have vetted these talks they they’ve worked on their headlines they know what’s going to bring people in so just make small tweaks to these and then write something really similar and you already know this is content that works so there are some quick hacks for how to find good content to write about on the fly again I’m Brandon Stiles if you want to learn more check out Brandon Stiles com I’ve got a blog there that’s got a lot of different tips and tricks like this that can help you build your business even more thanks for watching.

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