Financial Education Is NOT Taught In Schools

do you think that schools specifically public schools need to teach financial education so I’m sure he’s talking about your regular middle school high school you know do they need to teach finance or personal finance or financial education in the school system so I did a little bit of research and I mentioned this in a couple of my videos not sure if you’ve caught it it’s not necessarily been the subject of the video but what I’ve learned and what I’ve actually dug into via multiple resources multiple documentaries multiple articles ultimately the school system as we know it today was created about a hundred hundred fifty years ago with a big influence about a hundred years ago in the early 1900s by the Rockefellers and ultimately what they did was they created a system to where schools are churning out employees they were meant to create factory workers essentially so someone who’s you know not a complete sheep or a complete idiot but also someone oh there goes my laptop but also someone who is not savvy enough to learn or think outside of the box right so that is why you need to immerse yourself with financial education channels not just on YouTube because not necessarily everyone is 100 percent correct myself included but you need to pull your information from different sources and be your own and hold yourself accountable right so your financial education and your

entrepreneurial education understanding that there’s options outside of a nine-to-five job outside of going to college for four years outside of going into multiple tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to get a piece of so I kind of sound like a hypocrite right now because I went to school I work a nine-to-five however I’m also hustling with this channel and I’m also hustling with a couple of other things so ultimately this is gonna be a quick one because I don’t live that far from Costco but you guys need to be your own boss and hold yourself accountable for what you put into your brain you know go to school you know get the good grades get into a good college if you think that’s the best path to build your foundation but ultimately personal finance needs to come on to you because the schools are most likely never gonna teach it and what they teach in these schools is how to balance a checkbook you know no one even uses cheque books anymore I’m just using an example when I was in high school all that stuff you know twelve year old can figure out how to do what you need to understand is you know how to set yourself up for

retirement how to invest in assets that are gonna hedge against inflation and not only that but outperform traditional investments so you need to understand how much you need to allocate towards risky investments solid investments blue chip investments you have to have a diversified portfolio you have to learn how to budget you have to run your personal finances just like a business otherwise at the end of the month you’re gonna say well I got more month left than a money so how do I get myself out of this hole and you’re just gonna keep digging yourself deeper and deeper if you don’t track all of your finances so this was a very long-winded way of saying just you know hold yourself accountable because you don’t want to count on the schools or the public education system to do it for you if you’re watching this channel you’re already taking a step in the right direction

don’t be someone who’s gonna rely on you know the government rely on other people rely on you know god forbid your kids in retirement things like that you need to make conscious decisions day in and day out what every dollar is doing for you is your dollar working for you or is it going to work for someone else so with that being said I hope you guys got value out of this video if you like this style of video me and my car let me know in the comments below if you don’t if you want to see me just stick in front of the whiteboard or in front of the webcam you can do that as well I love listening to my audience’s opinion and I hope you’re getting value out of these more philosophical or more candid conversations so thank you so much everybody I really appreciate your viewership share this video with a friend who’s probably thinking the same thing you know how am I going to learn my personal finances well this channel is a good start

check out Ryan Scribner check out Jeremy from financial education check out my boy Nate O’Brien

positive investing Brandon Beavis investing these are all the monk as well the monk way these are all good ways to get involved with outside of the box perspectives and investing thank you so much and have a great day.

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