get money guys it is a gorgeous day you put our flight to New York it’s got really cheap tickets and our preparation start organizing all our things over ask what we’re gonna do we’re going to have an adventure going to the Bahamas I’m trying to organize a boat so we can go with the speedboats ourselves that’s not to check out all the doors regulations to make sure that it actually allowed what I’m what I’ve got planned out it’s gonna be a real nice fusion of business and pleasure

I really travel a lot I was always traveling work-wise so i had to find a bit of a strategy how to plan out my trips a little bit better the first thing i do is i always look for the cheapest possible premium cabin flight it’s really important to me because I’ve flown more than a hundred times and I do not want to sit in coach any more out of life cut him anymore there are other ways to afford business and first-class tickets without paying as much usually I pay around maybe ten percent more than what the economy price would be once I’ve got the long haul flights I’m going to decide what kind of activities do I want to do what adventures do I want to go on what do I want to see what business meetings must attend and that way I can build a bit of a map of where i have to be in which location and we have found that I will look in that location which hotel though I want to stay in based on possum is the hotel not on how gene that’s the next step I don’t go on just the comparison website and find the cheapest hotel that there is I look for the hotel that I would really like to stay in and that should be around my budget and once i find the hotel that I want to stay in then I go about looking for the cheapest prices for that hotel because if you’re just looking for the cheapest hotels and then try and find something that might be nice or something that you might like you’re not going to get the optimum it’s always best to look for the hotel you want to stay in and that might be in your budget and they look for the cheapest price for that hotel and many times I’ve found hotels half price than what it would usually cost just because I got a ghola know what I want to pay I know what hotel I want to stay and that’s just the best strategy guys check out how gorgeous the weather is outside I am going to go for some penny boarding right now

so I just discovered something super fun a total time waster for my dad today above I’m so psyched that this is something that really works good I’m going to show it to you now so those slider motion videos I’ve just showing you is actually just my g7x sliding on my table on my penny board

how awesome is that we’re on our way to a quick lunch date it’s actually quite late afternoon already and I have eat today it some quite hungry the pizza this is a look up on the internet I’m not gonna explain it I came home super early today at like six o’clock in the afternoon secure lock early and evening I usually work to like eight o’clock nine o’clock on a normal day because it is so beautiful outside and I want to take care of our balcony we got a beautiful body alarm but it’s looking it’s looking quite a mess as you can see nobody has been cleaning out here for the whole of winter and we really need to sit get this place in shape so I’ve got till about nine o’clock till the Sun Goes Down and I got to finish all of this up to then so let’s do this I just realized I’m not it’ll decrypt this kind of work

bukaty there is a shuttle directly outside our plans damn it guys

coordinate our age and I am done it seems looks all cozy now gonna have to get some new cushions here there be kind of change the color in the Sun actually wanted to get close you down here watch the sunset but I was not quite as possible but that is one nice

alright guys yesterday you think we still had a chilled evening i sat on a balcony did some crossword puzzles did some reading really relaxed and got new energy guys have you enjoyed the video give me a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel subscribe I’m going to close the blog here to remember to stay awesome be positive and make happen see you next time.

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