but it’s the exact same bad yes she was bad when she was like a soul I don’t know if I’ve made this clear not on the vlog but Francie and our daughter is bad she’s like manipulative and smart and just like we’ll do whatever it takes yet ice cream I don’t know what that smoke was coming from

that I don’t

I hope that into the process insensitive I just saw smoke that backed the law much

can I have a babysitter this morning and we have we’re having a date so far it’s going pretty well they argue with you oh this is our second lunch before we just had fruit this is our first one [Music]

oh my god oh my god Candace as a rule doesn’t come to the studio because she finds it too stressful so I let her dig into the Francine archives I keep a pretty tight archive of cute pictures and videos of friends anyway she’s digging deep I’m getting some needed gear I like broke all my gear in the last week I don’t know why god I remember those swings where we flying to Cape Town we flew the Kato and she’s that little yeah and I fell back by myself remember I can’t believe I gonna watch that are you sure you want to yeah there’s no one watching it when Candace was getting having the baby they like film I had my GoPro and I was like I don’t want to film the gross stuff and the doctor is like a cowboy in Texas took the camera and film the gross stuff I’ve never looked at it she’s looking at it I’m gonna hide in here is that I broke my um I broke my microphone that’s pretty my camera in my backpack this is one of the most common problems and if you know a way to fix this let me know but where the microphone jack goes into the camera sticks out like this when I put it in my background it always breaks it’s why the sound is so often messed up in my videos luckily I keep a pretty solid inventory of equipment here in the office to suit by every so there’s some new stuff here


bunch of new equipment arrived when I wasn’t here I’ve gotten a chance to play with it yet I’ve been wanting this for a while can’t ready this is a GoPro selfie stick it’s so me right now push the button it’s filming over there me over there me over there me over there [Music]

amazing a company called

speed bow makes these thank you speedo for sending them over this is pretty next-level image stabilizer for cell phone and GoPro I can’t wait to use this are you watching that nasty stuff are you crying regarding microphones I typically use one of two microphones I like this I like this rode microphone a lot solid microphone lately I’ve also been using these sure microphones they’re great slightly different sound profile but just as good of a camera more recently Sennheiser came out with this microphone I haven’t used it yet but Sennheiser makes great products and I’m really looking forward to this also I put one of these dead cats on this and it really kills any and all wind it’s this fuzzy thing that gives me such clean sound like when I’m riding my skateboard in the wind talking to camera and it still sounds good that’s because of this furry thing


honey we gotta go you have fun watching the archives when did you get back yesterday

I know when we’re in Venice on our vacation Oscar was also in Venice and he was literally 200 feet from us and we were able to connect alright I gotta go man all right

that pretty much concludes our afternoon date they have to head back down to relieve the babysitter

in conclusion we went to lunch and then went to lunch and then we walked to my office and Candice watched little baby videos and now we take the taxi cab home by the water and just do nothing except stare into space

what was the best part


they’d be going down for a nap I have to pack I hate packing because I’m terrible at packing gotta gotta gotta gotta bring my tuxedo here trouble is don’t know that I actually have a tuxedo it’s ready to see I always have trouble

prioritizing what to bring right seed oh and my drone what else

typically I try not to be cagey about where I’m going or what I’m doing but I had to promise not to reveal the details of this trip until Monday night at 8 p.m. so I can’t I think I can share where I’m going but I can’t share why I’m going there all the details soon really soon I just need like you know a day for you to bear with me here and the door to the left of the silverware I got it right here no big deal

in other mildly exciting news I’m flying Virgin Atlantic sorry never flown Virgin Atlantic before the line here at virgin is like a mile long so just sew up this boosted board bag while I wait I bought this bag after market like it wasn’t made by boost it’s made by some I don’t know it was expensive though it’s completely falling apart of this and this strap ripped off and the buckles broke and I had to put these carabiners on as the plastic ones broke broke over here trying to stitch this back together here really have nothing but disdain for low quality products if you know of a high quality boosted board bag let me know and I don’t want a gun bag more like a pool cue bag that’s be made just for boosted word otherwise it’s a nuisance

currently enroute to the Virgin lounge which I’ve never been to but Candace speaks of highly so expect a comprehensive review of this lounge ready for a tour down in menus

couches magazines computers other stranger CAPTCHAs kind of a chill-out lounge what appears to be a hair salon

futuristic bar red pool table cheap CV luggage storage facilities that’s not boosters work color-changing hallway

all it all seems like a really nice lounge everybody in here is super friendly not too crowded and the food’s delicious they’re good man I believe how do you love your stuff it’s dry they fly thanks for not leaving without me there’s a far walk to make a lot of friends on this airline

all right no I’ll take a paper thank you very much

shameless now I didn’t bring my regular sweatpants pajamas

Candace told me they’d give me a pair and they did nice okay pretty cozy

like in the first part of this episode I complained about microphones and I go to my studio and I get a new microphone and then spontaneously the shot when I go into the closet the sound gets totally fun in nowhere and that’s why I like it sound like there but you’ve really left that’s called peaking like it’s at the top I don’t know why it does that I changed no settings it like does that on its own this is why I always smash my cameras they so frustrated when stuff like this sorry I’m sorry about the low sound quality for the second half of today’s episode thanks for hanging in there.

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