First Class VS Coach

what’s up dude you look tired man so beat right now you’re really gonna sleep on the plane are you out raging last night we’re just arriving at the airport now ready this is my second day in a row vlogging from the airport so let me know in the comments below if this gets really boring and I’ll just stop traveling immediately I’ll continue to travel nice that any is t-80 thank you how are you awesome

how’d you know tricky guys many times okay thank you so much provide I tried my hardest upgrade Jack to business class there were no seats available but I tried my best

yeah key okay meet you in LA [Applause]

how’s that airport lounge bagel you know not bad flight boards in like five minutes you taking one to go yeah see you later see you again

Jack and I aren’t the first first people on the plane but we’re like top five top seven okay all right this is me I’m gonna put on my pajamas before takeoff because that’s generally the right thing to do

boarding is now complete if you do not wish to travel to Los Angeles or you need to the plane train or they pretend you are

I went with the quiche

maybe else

trying to please me

never let me down before

the madam familiar and I don’t see you and we’re in Los Angeles see thanks a lot I don’t know what the plan is today at all on the way here for Jack because I have no idea what now car we went to the car yeah they rented it right did you bring your skateboard no but I’ll see you at the other end of this hallway from the American Airlines terminal to baggage claim at LAX

it’s insane look at this I think it was made for skateboarding

Jack you think we’re gonna fit on this bus you can go on the back of your skateboard you okay yeah sound likes doing pretty sound right now this is the wick huh all right we just got to Santa Monica we’re gonna go check in to our sweet hotel now and then I think MTV invited us to go see backstage at the VMAs right yeah Jack why didn’t you rent us that car maybe I did that’s how we’re gonna get the VMAs there’s the beach

there’s our hotel yeah

they’re guys

I saw yeah I think I think Emacs is the plum oh my god that is my friend max that is so much fun it’s a pretty nice room

are we taking your car

amazing I’m all right

where are we going where is this the M a credential entrance good that for it’s all about the temp passes

is it cool yeah the of another credential you can’t be recording alright so now I’ve been told that I can’t bring my camera in


hey Casey why do you carry two cameras so in security at the VMAs takes away your first camera you have the backup what’s happening

probably should not

okay we’re leaving now going to check out the red carpet I think

it’s black all right this is the coolest carpet I’ve ever seen

getting a little tour right now this concludes our tour of the red carpet I think we’re going to get my big camera back now thank you so much I’ve missed you big camera now I can put away the little camera fact that they camera see you later thanks for putting up with our nonsense to tomorrow I think we mostly learned what we can’t do tomorrow I’m prepared okay so there’s a lot we can’t film it a lot we can’t do but we are gonna do everything out in beam because that’s a lot less obvious so follow me and follow jack on beam and all the stuff that Catherine told us we can’t do tomorrow we will be doing on being around all right Tony thanks a lot it’s nighttime now we picked up Jake hi and I think we’re going to this whatever this is where’s everything whatever different

hey buddy Zephir Jake this is for Jack nice job nice job

later George yeah all right you left the party going back to hotel long day.

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