FIRST TIME flying BUSINESS CLASS | Singapore Airlines A330 + A380 Business Class

this amount of space is like wildly extravagant

oh my gosh guys today’s a very exciting day like a very big flying back to China to tell you all that ins what oh my gosh I’ve always wanted to be the first person here

and we’re like basically the best today we are flying on seeing what airlines business class it’s not personal business class I am pretty excited TSIA from Colombo to Beijing I know yes we’re going to China again and in case you are wondering yes we were in China last week and yes we have since then flown to Sydney Malaysia Sri Lanka now Singapore and then back to China it’s a crazy story we’ll get more into that later but for now guys it’s first time or business class yeah I can’t believe how much space of God I could get yeah they have an extortion the recognized

we have a nice pair


do the brush looking blanket alike profile pillows our screen is ginormous account even touch it

as far as I can reach we’ve got a hot towel it even smells

I have a feeling it’s gonna be really good flight is like what o’clock in the morning we are

but we’re gonna get some sleep on this slide and then we’ll probably show you a little bit more effect

so they just brought out some the bird is opening I can do anything that’s a really nice flight just landed in Singapore and now we have 50 minutes until it expects a little brush to a date so this is gonna be their quick lunch

so we’ve landed in Terminal two but we’ve actually they’ve been Terminal three

and to me this transport just a little bit more stressful we actually have to change terminals I jump on ask I dream so I’m so excited for our next flight because that first fight was a Singapore Airlines a380 which is kind of like their old regional business class but this time we by getting on the a380 plane and I have actually heard the entirety of the upper deck is mrs.

clause so this is going to be a good flight and it’s in the daytime so we can try and enjoy it a little bit more although I’m not gonna lie we’re both exhausted we have had like three hours sleep and now it’s the day and I know it’s going up

I think that might be the jewel all together everyone idea taste unfortunately we don’t have time for the Silva crew sound this time because a layer is only 50 minutes long but don’t worry because on the way back to combo we have an eight and a half hour later but so we’ll be getting in all of the lounge time baby so I gave it so much time to say we did not even each brush I mean we didn’t have time to go to the lounge but we made it in time airplane

it is these I’ve never actually sat upstairs the second time there are business first time I was in business was this morning so it’s all new and it’s so very exciting I always thought I had stairs going up they do know but you don’t walk in down stairs and walk up the stairs yeah you can walk down the stairs right I might try that just go for any sport

see how to work

we get to upstairs on an airplane hey hey he’s filming it’s the biggest day outside has it that was gonna be a lot of space like this amount of space is wildly extravagant

once again welcome thank you for choosing Singapore how good is a hotel that’s why never haven’t even take it off and it is already best my netbook so I mind taking off on the a380 Appa decked me like the strangest thing because you don’t really hear anything you don’t really feel anything at all of a sudden don’t you the edge we’re in the end now and it really doesn’t feel like we’re in the air like the flame is moving this is so crazy

when you fly out of Singapore you get like a book to cook on these airlines and essentially you get the chef’s made meal and when I was looking for the baby I thought oh yeah I’ll have a steak that’s not right

is that realize my body feels like it’s about 7:00 a.m. so at this point I’m like I can’t imagine anything worse steak for breakfast

it’s a hard life lying business the ending stage

yeah I’m actually impressed it’s like incredibly juicy gravies delicious that’s amazing

I’ve got baked veggies for there it’s like the best plated meal I’ve ever this feels so extravagant like eating with real cutlery off a real plate just like a real time to plate off a chef prepared meal into sky


you look very comfy I get stretched okay guys we’ve just arrived we’ve just landed here in China

wow what a flight that was amazing what an experience oh it was so good flying business supervisors at night honestly guys that was one of the best place I’ve ever had in my entire life but now we are shattered we have been on five international flights in the last seven days and through five time zones in five countries so we’re just gonna put the camera down and take a nap figure out how to get to our accommodation let’s see in the next one.

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