First time flying Spice Jet in India

not bad for a morning sunrise I think you’re in the Delhi Airport it was Bruce Lee flying to Joy salma today we booked our flights through the flight Network who are like a third party travel agent and we paid the flight network with my credit card

and I guess they booked our flights with their own credit card or with like a different credit card because we’re here at the airport and we’re flying with SpiceJet

and we can’t actually check in because we don’t have the credit card with us that the payment was made with even though I paid the flight network with my credit card for this flight so now I can’t check in if you are flying within India and you’re using an international credit card you need the credit cards that you’ve booked with so I don’t think we’re flying to jaisalmer today we’ve got like an hour two hour flight I don’t think they’re gonna let us check in but on the phone to the flight Network now I’ve got the email open in front of me but there’s nothing attached to the email that I’m able to see oh no hold on I’ve got it I’ve got it yeah it’s the e net picture yeah that’s the one all right no problem

we’ll give that a go now our flight leaves in less than an hour we haven’t checked in we’ve got to get through security so it’s gonna be tight kidding me so the flight Network they sent us there their credit card which kind of meant that we could check in except now we’ve come to check in and because the credit card doesn’t have all the numbers on it we can check in which means we’re not getting on our flight today we literally like if we don’t check in now we’re not making it so you gotta gotta give it to SpiceJet it’s so far there they’re doing a pretty decent effort to get us on this flight

we have boarding passes we have boarding passes

there’s like 2,000 of them again to my first officer

Dravid their chakra this is don’t you I never experience

I hold in my hand like a head

whoa we made it we are staying at za cell just a local hostile chain here in India and we’re actually staying inside before our taxi dropped us off outside and now we gotta track our way in and just try and find where it is gate it’s amazing

man it’s forties incredible do not have wanted to try and attack this place this place is awesome gotta look at that I think I’m really gonna lecture that’s random umm but yeah the city is great I’m really looking forward to being able to go out and go exploring I think this place is gonna be beautiful like first thing in the morning at sunrise you can imagine it’s gonna glow it’s gonna be so nice

all right so it is the next day Jordan tell us what happened well we were tired so we went for a nap and we just woke up 16 hours later

16 hours later we slept for 16 hours so we had planned on finished in

yesterday’s video by taking guys all around jaisalmer and showing you is all still the hostel oh Zastava hostel i learned that a nice one we are

exhausting the hostels here in jaisalmer so we’re gonna show you around cuz this is probably one of the coolest hostels in fact it’s not not probably what else this is the coolest hostel we have overstated

oh is it not the closest thing you’ve ever seen plenty of very sure where is I’ve stayed you know look it’s probably the coolest one we’ve all right let’s show you round saw school first outside area here nice little courtyard the nice little seated area you to chill on they’re really cool things that are softer I ain’t just on it

is there just so many nooks and crannies this place just goes awesome Thank You Phil the end of it or you think you found the rooftop but no sighs just get higher with more table more chairs we’re actually at the very top of the floor like we’ve got views of the jain temples from here all the way over there there’s our views over the city there’s a what look at the stadium you know if you were hearing cricket season you could watch the circuit from up here maybe goes up even higher the ultimate top of this place check it out

more tables look at this stunning views and then in here we have the common room which is cool for just like sitting chillin there’s bean bags and like cultural chairs you can sit on and then we do have another one of the state of areas out here where you can come and like chill out look at the view of the city which by the way is amazing and then in here we have a passing flash restaurant the cafe serves like western food as well as Indian food it’s like breakfast lunches and it’s pretty much open all day and the food is fairly reasonably priced well hello good morning let’s go downstairs I can show you guys that roof which by the way is amazing pulses difference’ : so whatever season

please excuse the mess how we always do it we just like your bag just explosions people we don’t even have outflow luggage we just have a little day back and welcome to our room but it’s a pretty standard room double bed we have our salsa a/c and a fan no windows to the outside world but you know there there are there just lots of people walk past this windows all the time so but they don’t we move for the outside outside world they windows into this area yeah I bet they’re not outside witness but that aside it’s actually really comfortable we’re so not as smooth or as cool as I thought it was getting you never are anyways that’s pretty much self still in a nutshell it’s very cool if you are here in jaisalmer definitely come and stay here it’s inside the fort which is where you want to be staying really there’s not much point coming if you staying outside the fort will leave a link down below if you wanted to book yourselves or if you’re just gonna be traveling through India there are tons of zeus tools all over and if they’re anything like this one you probably want to stay fit anyways guys thank you so much for watching if this is your first time here I am Sally and this is Ed so and if you haven’t already done so please make sure you subscribe down below give this video a big thumbs up share it with all your friends and next video.

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