FLYING FOR FIRST TIME? All our tips for flying, how to prepare for a flight & traveling to airport

are you flying for the very first time or just want to step up your travel game or then this video is for you

hey guys my name is Mike travel addict travel blogger and travel hacker over the past few months we’ve been on 50 individual flights and over the past year I’m sure it’s hundreds of flights I’m going to show you everything you need to know before you fly when you get to the airport boarding the flight I would have to do once you get off your plane if you’re new to this channel be sure to subscribe and turn on the notification belt and hit that thumbs up for this awesome topic now before we get into this video I want to announce the winner of last week’s Amazon gift voucher giveaway the winner is mix or pole mixer pole if you’re watching this video please get in contact with me per email now every week on Travel Tuesday we give away one $10 Amazon gift voucher to one of the first 20 companies on the video so be sure to leave your comment right now but without further ado let’s get into this video now flying can be a very scary thing to do with your first time personally I love flying so to make this experience of human flight even more awesome than it already is

I’m gonna show you a few tips and tricks to make your flight comfortable the first thing I want to talk about is packing always pack light when you’re traveling a lot of people take with far too much stuff and they end up never using it so if you can get away with using a carry-on bag then please use a carry-on bag the next advice I can give you is to make your case noticeable by a colorful case or use color straps you might want to use the ones I linked down below so that your case is recognizable first of all to you second of all should you checked in case get lost it’s easier to explain to the åland that your case is a blue case with a pink strap on it much easier to find if you just have a black bag balaam will have more problems identifying it keep everything in your case safe soap act smart and make sure it’s closed properly get a tsa approved lock to lock up all your stuff next up packing your carry-on make sure you don’t have any fluids over 100 liter and your carry-on bag all your toiletries and fluids need to be in a transparent plastic bag I have some TSA approved toiletry bags link down below now even though you know not bringing fluids through the security control I do recommend that you pack in a big water bottle so once you pass security you fill up the water bottle in that way you can stay hydrated when you’re on the plane my recommendation get the

LifeStraw bottle I linked down

doesn’t matter what water you fill into the bottle it becomes drinkable now always be sure to travel with warm comfortable clothes and especially if you’re on a long-haul flight Atkins some pajamas once you get on the plane go to the laboratory get into your pajamas and you’ll be comfortable throughout the whole flight add a benefit when you arrive at your destination you’ll have clean wrinkle free clothes to put on next step is do your online check-in if your check-in for your flight online you’ll be able to travel to the airport and walk straight to the security checkpoint and the earlier you checked in the better your chances are getting nice seats on the airplane maybe even the emergency exit seats now if you don’t have any checked luggage you can just come to the airport go straight through the security control so you packed your bag you’ve done your online check-in it’s time to go to the airport make sure that all your devices like laptops iPads and smartphones are charged up fully so you have

entertainment on your flight before you go to the airport check the boarding times of your airline some airlines state when the gate closes and some élan stayed with the boarding start so be sure not to mix those two things up double-check that you pack your passport your wallet the smartphone and any other important documents you might need for your travel and then make your way to the airport as I mentioned if you don’t have any luggage to check-in head straight for the security control otherwise head to the a line check-in tell them that you checked in online and hand over your luggage this is another opportunity you can ask the airline agent to give you the emergency exit seat or maybe even an upgrade before you head to the security checkpoint take your watch your wallet and your

smartphone and place it into your cabin bag this will stop you from fidgeting around too much at the security

checkpoint things will go faster and the risk of losing something important is much lower now when you arrive to the security checkpoint smile and be polite to the security agents working there they have a really tough job and their job is really important pay good

attention to what they’re telling you to make everything go faster place jackets jerseys cardigans hats or anything else you might be carrying on your body into one bin take off your shoes and put it in a separate bin then take laptops cameras and tablets and place them into another bin now keep a good eye on whatever you place in your bins you don’t want it to be stolen or get lost when the security agent is ready for you you go through the metal detector or through the body scanner once you’ve passed the body scan or metal

take the poles and wait for the agent Italia it’s okay to proceed now go back to the conveyor belt empty all your bin place the empty bins onto the bin tray and place all your valuables back in your carry-on bag once you’ve left the security area but back on your watch put your wallet in your pocket now you’re ready to proceed to the gate once you arrive at the gate his lab another chance to ask your airline if that can give you an emergency exit seat once you’re boarding group gets called up make sure that you at the gate pass and board the plane now here again once you board the plane smile and be friendly to the cabin crew the flight attendants also have a tough job and if you’re friendly to them they’ll make your flights so much more enjoyable make your way to your seat baths take anything you might need during the flight out of your bag place your valuables like passport wallet and smartphone in your pockets keep them on your body and take your cabin bag and place it in the overhead bins then sit down and fasten your seat belt make sure you’re not in the way of other passengers that are trying to pass and go to their seat be very fast and efficient and everybody will be happy now especially if this is your first time flying please pay attention to the security brief the flight attendants get they don’t really enjoy doing this and have to do it over and over again and it’s even worse for them if nobody pays attention if you already know the security brief at least try and

acknowledge the flight attendants anywhere now once the plane has reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign is turned off you’re free to roam around the plane when you’re on a long flight try to get up every now and then walk a few meters stretch maybe doing even the squat when you’re on your way to the restaurant this way you’ll be more rested when you arrive at your

destination and you’ll feel just bent in general make sure to stay hydrated drink some of the water you brought with you every few minutes usually once the plane lands and the seat belt signs have turned off everybody just jumps up everybody starts tearing open the overhead bins and it’s very hectic and stressful don’t be that person

once the Pianist reach its final

position the seatbelt sign is turned off relax for a second as long as you don’t have a connecting flight that you’re late for you’ll have enough time to get off the plane

so once the hours have cleaned up get your cabin back down put your valuables in the bag again and exit the plane this would be another opportunity to thank the flight attendants for the great job they’re doing once you get off the plane pay attention to the signage show you the direction to either the airport exit if you

have any checked bags the baggage claim area if you have checked bags or

directions to your connecting flights if you have checked in bags proceed to the baggage reclaim area not on krub

conveyor belt take a few steps back and keep a lookout for your bright and colorful bag when you see it proceed to the conveyor bar take your bag off and then take a step back again and wait for your next case or leave the area if for whatever reason your luggage is not a conveyor belt that precedes to the counter of your airline to report a missing back now if you took a colorful bag or a colorful strap you’ll make it easier for the alum to find your bag again and if your bag really isn’t they they’ll ship your bag to your house or hotel usually within one day if it doesn’t come within a day check out the local laws and the regulations you might be eligible for compensation from the airline so next it’s up to you guys what are your travel tips travel hacks or methods to make your trip more

comfortable let me know in the comments down below I linked some awesome gadgets in the description down below that will make traveling a little bit more

enjoyable for you guys so be sure to check those out

if you enjoyed this video be sure to smash that thumbs up button don’t forget to comment down below and be one of the first people to comments to participate in the Amazon gift voucher giveaway once again guys thank you for watching this video I’ll see you guys in the next one have safe travels goodbye you.

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