Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

today we will talk about

the difference between Facebook ads and Google Ads so you got competing

platforms here Facebook and Google well what’s good for what when should you use what all of that so think of it in two main ways

Facebook ads are going to be

interruptive advertising so people get on Facebook they’re not necessarily looking to buy anything they’re not even looking for a product they’re there to socialize you’re there to see what their friends are doing and and see people’s status updates and pictures and things whereas with Google it’s a much more it’s a search engine so people are searching for things so a lot of times there’s more buyer intent on Google so depending on what you want to accomplish with your ads you should select whether you want to use interruptive slash entertaining advertising with Facebook we’re more purchase buyer intent ads with Google and each one has their own different pros and cons so for example with Facebook you can get a lot more targeted with your audience because Facebook is partnered with all these big third-party data’s and data companies and they have a lot of information on you so they’re tracking where you click they’re tracking with their pixel who visits what web sites and trying to connect their profiles with your website traffic and all that however the problem is like I said people don’t get on Facebook always to buy things in fact most of the time they don’t so when you’re coming up with your Facebook Ads especially for people that aren’t hot leaves maybe they’ve never heard of you you want to come up with an ad that’s entertaining or informative well think about what people in your circle of friends share will they share things that are funny that are entertaining that are informative you know how many times have you seen is like hey I didn’t know this check this out it’s got 100 likes and hundred comments all that kind of stuff they don’t share things like hey by this household broom for ten dollars or something like that because it’s a social platform Google on the other hand is going to get a lot of people that are looking to buy stuff so you might want to show an ad for people that’s that type in by digital marketing products or by saxophone or by tradeshow booths something like that those people are actively looking for the product or service that you sell so you can be a little bit more Buy Now or purchase now with your ads also in Google you get a little bit less tracking so Google doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles that Facebook does when it comes to targeting so with Google you’re only targeting people that enter a certain keyword versus with Facebook you’re targeting people that have expressed interest in the topic have visited sites to a topic are make this much money or live in this zip code so Google while it is more intent focus for purchases is less targeted so you have to weigh out a few things when you’re deciding between making a Google ad or Facebook ad you have to decide one am i trying to sell something now or build a relationship try to sell something now you might want to go Google if you want to build a relationship and maybe maximize your customer lifetime value you might want to go Facebook or if you know the exact purpose of your ad then and and you want to get the sell quickly maybe you have a shorter cycle for a customer sale then you might want to go Adwords and Google and you can still track a little bit of it but it just doesn’t have the tracking ability that Facebook does that’s why marketers or so in love with Facebook right now because it’s got some of the most unprecedented targeting and

tracking that the marketing world has ever seen that’s really cool finally the biggest difference is how you construct the ad so Facebook you can have the you add you can have images you can have short copy you can have long copy where people have to click read more and then it opens up into a whole book or not whereas with Google you’ve got a

headline and then a few bullet points so there’s no as of right now there aren’t video ads or anything like that to distract away from the experience Google’s trying to deliver to its users so with Facebook you can get a little bit more creative and you can do a few more things when you’re building an ad so when you’re thinking about Google Ads it’s all about the headline and then the benefits in that body copy and you only get a few lines so also think about that like think about how big of an ask you’re making with your product if you’re selling something that’s maybe not a lot of money then it might be better to go or on the other end a lot of money that it might be good to go with Google AdWords because you can target by keyword and purchase intent but if you’re buying cycles a little bit longer and like I said you’re looking to build up ramp up and maybe keep a customer for life you might want to do Facebook Ads so hopefully that clarifies some of the difference between Google ads and Facebook Ads and there you go so I bring the Styles a digital marketer in Atlanta in a sales funnel expert and we’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching.

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