Google Adwords CTR (Simple Way to Improve)

today’s tip it pertains to Google AdWords so if you’re running Google AdWords this tip is for you so a lot of times people will run Google at I see this all the time people were running Google ad campaigns let’s say you are a printer in Atlanta all right so you you print books or whatever okay so I might search on Google Atlanta book printers near Maine and then ads gonna pop up them what’s it look like well the ad we all know what it looks like it’s got a headline might say like a teo book printers and then it’ll say like there’s a headline and here’s the body copy lowest price which if you know anything about making another it’s not the best selling point there’s ways to get out of the lowest price sector you don’t want to compete based on lowest price that commoditize is you anyways it’ll say lowest price it’ll say save 20% or whatever and then it’ll say like cruelty-free paper or whatever so let’s say I was searching for this and I was one of the 1 or 2% that looks at the sponsored ads I said that sounds good I’m gonna click on it and then there’s always a link right here that says the the page let’s say it’s a TL or something so I clicked through to that 99 times out of 98 that’s over a hundred percent

just kidding it’s more like 99 out of 100 but that’s probably not far off when you click on this what does it take you to that’s right it takes you to the home page of the website but guys don’t do that you’re gonna have so much more success if you link to some other landing page like or whatever for example let me show you a real world example so if I wanted to run an ad to entertainment which is my entertainment companies so let’s say I wanted to advertise the brides and grooms that were looking for an Atlanta wedding DJ all right so I could make that the ad phrase that I wanted to show my ads for in Google okay so I would I could say as my Google Ad here’s the headline Atlanta wedding DJ okay and then I could put some some body copy here just whatever the body copy is like you know check out our special in fact let’s let’s put some body copy here this is gonna be

important I don’t want to I don’t want to half-ass this this example so let’s say I said get three hours or buy three hours get for free all right then let’s say I said special gift for this is August so I’m gonna say August bookings and then I could say just one more thing anyhow so Atlanta wedding DJ is my headline for my Google Ad and here’s my body copy three hours get the fourth free special gift for August bookings most people when they specify the destination that they want this ad to go so when the person clicks they go to XYZ page

most people send readers to their home page don’t do that it’s gonna convert badly way worse than if you do what I’m about to tell you

Google is not gonna rank it as high because the ads not gonna be as relevant because it’s not gonna match is it’s not gonna match the body copy that you got going on in your ad right here here’s a much better idea when you’re doing your due

glads don’t link to your homepage create a special landing page just for this so I might have the links a WWF town down calm / and right here I’ve said special gift up town down calm / special gift boom there’s the landing page so that’s gonna take me to a special landing page that I created just for this Google app alright and on this landing page what’s it gonna have what the top I’m sure gonna put that headline because if those match is if I said Atlanta wedding DJ if those match Google’s gonna say yes sir and they’re going to push that ad higher your cost per click is gonna go down and it’s just going to convert a lot better so what am I gonna do to convert this landing page exactly I’m gonna take this copy right here and just spruce it up a little bit but transfer it right here because when people see this copy and then see the same copy on the actual landing page instant good feels instant trust instant happiness smiles

everyone’s happy it’s gonna be good so I’m gonna say special gift and then just whatever gift you want for this one I’m gonna say free autographed picture of me alright that’s really actually a

horrible gift but come up with your own gift and then maybe I’d have some sort of video testimonial maybe of a bride being like these guys are the best so you’re building social proof you’re building trust with the prospects that find you here okay then also you see the special gift for August bookings I’m gonna put down here I’m going to create a little scarcity here’s our scarcity friend right here I’m gonna say valid through

August 31st come up with a clean landing page this is a drawn badly drawn landing page but what you’re doing is right here you’re adding in some scarcity so people know they have to book soon scarcity all right here is a video with testimonials you’re building trust and social proof which is what everyone wants social writing this backwards of that word nope all right you’ve got matching headlines right here you’ve got matching copy right here and talk about buying the three hours get the fourth one free so that’s how you schedule look good Google Ad so let’s review that one more time you get in the video here but if you want to review I’m just gonna review it for you so when you’re creating your Google and your Google advertisements create a special landing page create create special landing page alright as much as you can match the headlines it’s also good if your headline has your exact phrase that you were advertising so Atlanta wedding DJ in this case try and make that match the best you can and then put the ad body copy in

landing page copy spruce left a little bit you know benefits and features make it nice but that’s a great way to save on your cost per click on Google Ads get a higher conversion rate and add Google give you the big thumbs up for your ads so that’s your ten minute marketing for today on Google Ads I’m Brandon Stiles thank you very much you

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