How to Build Quality Backlinks To Boost Your Site Ranking On Google

I’ll explain it real quick basically a backlink is when another site links to your site and basically Google views that as a vote of confidence they’re saying hey this person is trust this site enough to link to them so we’re gonna give it a vote of confidence – and obviously the more prominent the site that links to you the more Google counts it so it might give your cousin Johnny’s Garage blog one point let’s say but if CNN links to your site it might give it 50 or 100

something like that so you can see why backlinks are important the more higher quality backlinks you get the more Google’s going to shoot you the charts pretty cool a lot of people get hung up when creating these because it’s a little bit tough especially to do a white hat which I recommend which means the legal way where Google’s not going to totally come down on you and destroy your side if you screw around but a lot of people are like well my information is not really good why would someone want to take a chance on me and publish my content and all of a sudden they’ve got ten reasons why they can’t do something versus one reason why they should and they’re developing a limited belief so I’m gonna show you what you can do to start getting those backlinks alright so first of all I’m gonna do it what I call the one five method what is the one five method all you have to think about is to answer one question related to your service what’s like one pain point you can solve right now I know I use this a lot but you could if you’re talking about sales copying I could do something well here’s five ways to write better sales copy

headlines bullet points body structure dual tracking all that kind of stuff all I’m gonna do is write that down or speak it or record myself talking about just get some thoughts onto a paper they can even be in that line just like this a bullet point Bam Bam Bam and what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to I use canva comm and you’re going to create an infographic now they have a hundred infographic templates for free that you can go on there and use all you have to do is just drag one over change the colors to whatever you want it to be make it look nice then just answer your question how to write good copy and then bring these points into the infographic and just show people how to do it alright you’re getting them value what would you tell your friend if he was like hey Brandon how you write good copy welcome use the five points on how to do it you bring that into the infographic here’s where the five comes in google around look at podcasts whatever and you want to find five mid-level influencers in your niche you’re not going for the powerful ones whatever here you’re also not going for the people that don’t get any more views than your personal Facebook pages which is probably not a lot you want to go to people with let’s say 3,000 to 10,000 subscribers readers things like that I know you don’t have an exact number of how big their mailing list is but you can usually tell from reviews downloads and stuff how big someone is so you’re going for those middle fish people that are kind of in the middle of getting big and taking off just take some googling around set a timer for 10 minutes so I’m gonna find five of these guys when you find them get their email and then you’re gonna send this infographic to them and you’re gonna say hey Brad just created this infographic I thought it would help your readers out if you want I can write an introduction to the infographic related to your site so what you’re doing here is two things one you’ve given them a really good piece of value to get to their readers that they don’t have to do and two you offer to write an

introduction so really you’re taking all the work off of that blogger

there’s a book by a fella named Bryan Holaday called trust me I’m lying it’s a really good book and he puts blogging in an interesting light and basically these are people that need 24/7 content right because by TV you can go off hours or Radio your showings but with blogs in the internet you need information 24/7 so blinders are always looking for content Ness be good content but are always looking for content to send out so if you just kind of give him a lob and you said hey yeah I thought this infographic for your readers I’m also gonna write an intro for you they’re gonna say heck yeah that’s one less article after right this week sounds good and then all of a sudden they send this out link back to your site so not only are you getting high quality links but you’re also getting exposed to this person’s three to ten thousand

subscriber email list so that’s how you can start getting exposure and some backlinks to your website for just creating an infographic enjoy.

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