today we’re going to be talking about one of my absolute favorite topics in the entire world and that is how to find cheap flights hey guys welcome back to the channel I’m Sally and I met and we make travel content here on YouTube every single week so make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you do not miss out on any of this travel goodness now if you’ve been following this channel for a little while you would know that we spent the last two years traveling and we’ve taken quite the number of ones we have been on a lot of flights and along the way I like to think that we’ve gotten pretty good at not only finding but also booking cheap flights so in today’s video we’re going to be sharing with you guys some of the tips and tricks we’ve flown along the way so that you can start getting cheap flights – now I have to be completely honest with you guys I don’t find the flights I then booked the flight I don’t get it well no I get on there you get on the flight but but that’s about all I do so I’m gonna take this moment right now to exit the video and I’m going to leave you in the more than capable hands of this flight was itself all right guys let’s get started now before you even begin searching for cheap flights the first thing that you don’t want to do is go into your internet browser settings clear your cookies and go into incognito mode now that you have done that let’s talk about how to find cheap flights if you have super specific dates that you absolutely must travel on then I’m gonna be honest with you right now you

actually might struggle to find the best possible deals and I feel like this kind of goes without saying but you also want to try and avoid traveling in super peak times like Christmas New Year’s

Thanksgiving times when lots of other people are traveling because it’s pretty hard to get deals during those times unless you plan your trips well in advance and to be honest like who wants to plan Christmas plans in January but if you can be a little bit flexible then you’re gonna find that you can actually save a lot of money so there are four main websites that I like to use when I am looking for cheap flights Google flights Skyscanner kayak and mondo what I like to do is kind of have a look on all of them to see which side is

offering the best deals just because you see a cheap fly on sky scanner doesn’t necessarily mean that Google flights is also going to be having the

same cheap fare I know it sounds weird but I’ve just found that it is best to compare compare compare what I like about all four of these websites is the ability to do flexible searches so with Skyscanner you can put in say your point of origin say you’re flying from sydney and then you can put in a search to everywhere and if you want to get even more flexible let’s say you want to go for a holiday in June you can put in the whole month of June so you can search from Sydney to everywhere for the whole month of June and Skyscanner will tell you the cheapest flights to destinations all over the world depending on which website you’re using they each have like a different way of doing flexible searches Google searches you can kind of similar to Skyscanner you put in your point of origin so let’s say we’re in Sydney and then you can do a search for like up to six months and what I like about Google flights is that it’s a map interface so you’re just like hovering around looking at the map and you can kind of be like oh do I want to go to Africa to only go to Europe you know maybe I want to go to South America I don’t know the world is your oyster now I understand that not everyone has the flexibility or really wants to just travel to wherever is necessarily the cheapest let’s say you want to fly to Southeast Asia right in Thailand is kind of the destination that you really want to go to but when you have a look you realize the flights to Thailand are actually pretty expensive well what you can do is have a look around maybe there are flights to Malaysia Singapore Cambodia all countries that are very close to Thailand that might be

significantly cheaper and then from there you can just get a short flight from say let’s say we fly into Malaysia you can then just hop on a short flight or even a train or a bus from Malaysia to Thailand why often the route is a big determining factor in how much the flight actually costs which can be a bit funny because it’s not necessarily always the distance that you’re flying sometimes actually flying further distances or even taking a flight that has more than one stop can be a lot cheaper than a flight that is shorter or direct which I know sounds a little bit weird and counterintuitive for example when ed and I were in Sri Lanka we actually flew to China we flew from Colombo to Beijing and then

shanghaied back to Colombo and we flew with Singapore Airlines in business class and we’ve got a pretty good deal the flights were just under $1,100 for the open draw return flight and what’s interesting about this way is you fly from Colombo to Singapore Singapore to Beijing and then Shanghai Singapore Singapore Colombo however if you were to fly from Singapore to Beijing Shanghai to Singapore that flight would have been closer to $3,000 so even though ed and I took an extra flight from Colombo to Singapore it was cheaper than if we hadn’t flown from Singapore so I know that that sounds a little bit weird but sometimes if you play around with the actual routing of where you’re going from and where you’re going to you can save yourself a lot of money now the next tip is to actually split your journey into two round-trip legs when I was looking for flights from Sydney to Nepal the flights were actually pretty expensive but what I found was that flights from Sydney to China with chief and flights from China to Nepal with fairly cheap what I basically did was booked two one-way flights to make one cheap of flight we were only doing this one way because often Nepal we headed into India but I have actually done this same thing booking two return flights so let’s say we want to fly from New York to the Maldives in July right and you have a look at a round-trip ticket from New York to the Maldives is around about $1,800 so you do a quick little search and you find that actually from New York you can fly to Bangkok for $600

round-trip and then from Bangkok to the Maldives you can fly for around four hundred and twenty-nine dollars

round-trip which brings your total trip up to one thousand two hundred and twenty nine dollars and family you have instantly saved $400 just by splitting up your journey into two legs now the only problem with doing it this way is if you’re on a bit of a time crunch it’s probably not gonna be the best way for you because usually you’re gonna need to have at least 12 hours in between landing and flying out I mean you don’t really need 12 hours but I get like travel anxiety so I like to give myself at least 12 hours just in case because if you’re booking your flights this way you’re gonna have to arrive collect your bag

go through security recheck your bags recheck in rego through security and then fly to your next destination so if you want to do it on the same day you need to give yourself at least all right 12 hours is a bit long let’s say you need to give yourself at least eight hours leeway just in case you know you’ve got to account for flight delays maybe the airport’s really busy you know you go to account for all of those things so at least give yourself 8 to 12 hours now to be honest this is not the most convenient way to fly from point A to point B but if you’re wanting to save some money this can be a really really really good way to do so now if you’re not somebody who’s obsessed with looking at flights every single day like I am and what you can actually do is sign up to a website that will send you flight deal notifications so there are a couple of different websites that I actually like to use for this and those websites include Scott’s chief flight secret flying fair drop and also mighty travels premium this is not sponsored by the way these are just things that I genuinely use and love it takes all of the stress out of searching and finding flight deals and basically just does it all for you so what you can do with these websites is you can put in the airports that you want to fly out on and

basically tell them where you want to fly to and they will send you flight geo notifications

pretty much every day I get like 6 notifications from secret flying every single day and a lot of these companies they will also send you flight

notifications when there is an airfare now if you don’t know what an airfare is it’s basically when a a line

accidentally prices a flight way too low and they can happen for a number of reasons but these air phase usually only lasts for like a couple of hours at a time and if you don’t know about them then you’re gonna miss out I would definitely check out those full web sites see which one you like best I actually subscribe to all of them because I am a massive flight net there are some more advanced techniques like fuel dumping which I don’t think we’ll go into in this video I think that’s like a more advanced topic I feel like we would need quite some time to explain what fuel something is and it’s very technical and it’s not super interesting and I feel like 90% of you probably won’t care but maybe I’m wrong so if you would like a whole video on feel dumping what it is and how you can use it to get cheap flights let me know in the

comments down below and I will make that video

he’s back how that good was dad is she not the best and picking flights but I could I just couldn’t even I wouldn’t even know where to begin and we would have spent thousands of more dollars had I been the one booking this flight so I am so grateful for this one right here he’s having us all that sweet sweet coin I know dad I really hope you found this helpful

these are just some of the things we do but if I missed out on anything that you do let me know in the comments down below because I am obsessed with getting cheap flights so if there are any tricks that you have let me know because I would love to hear them that’s it we’re out go guys thank you so much for watching we really do appreciate it and guys.

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