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today I’m going to show you how to travel like an absolute pro


hey my name is Mike and welcome to making it happen blog here I’m making it happen you’ll find travel videos travel guys how-to videos information on how to book cheap flights information how to get the most out of your vacation and the most out of your trips and on top of that we have amazing travel blogs and blogs here from Miami Beach if you’re new to this channel hit the subscribe button and turn on the notifications so let’s jump right into how to travel like an absolute pro both Marie and I have traveled to 18 different destinations of the past 12 months and many more before that and our troubles we’ve learned certain hacks tricks and tips how to make traveling more comfortable and how to travel like a true Pro and today we’re gonna share all those tips and advices with you guys so number one on my list of how to travel like an absolute Pro has to be the tricks on how to book the cheapest ticket regardless if you’re looking for the cheapest economy-class blinds or if you’re looking for an amazing faith to travel in luxury and business-class in

first-class I’ve got the video for you if you want to see how to fly

economy-class cheap watch this video pop-up right here and if you want to see how to travel business class and first class without breaking the bank watch this video right here also in the description box down below I’ve linked a few websites that will make booking flights much much easier for you and all the resources to this video you’ll find down below as well now a lot of my tips on how to travel like an absolute pro I have to do with research and the first thing you need to research is the airport the more you know the smoother your travel is gonna be research how long it will take you to travel to the airport and at what time the check-in of your airline opens up also be sure to research how long it will take you from checking in to security to your game and when the boarding starts before you leave for the airport make sure you know which terminal your flight is leaving from as many taxi drivers and uber drivers don’t actually know which terminal they need to drive to check-in at terminal 1 – or free international or domestic you need to inform yourself before you get into the car you’re gonna want to have a stress-free experience at the airport so do your

search and have a smooth travel also make yourself familiar with the general layout of the airport and find out which restaurants and coffee shops the airport actually has look up those restaurants and coffee shops on google map to make sure that you’re making an educated decision when going into a coffee shop or a restaurant next research your a line and the airplane model before I check into my flights and make a final decision on which seat I should take I go to seat guru come and check which seat on the airplane are the best to choose and I also check out the mail on website if they’re offering flat meals and flat entertainment beverages or ever have to pay for everything myself that way when I’m at the airport I might still be able to buy a meal for the journey a bottle of water to stay hydrated or whatever you need on the plane also find out that the airplane has USB chargers or power outlets because if you’re traveling for work or you’re bringing your own entertainment you’re gonna want to make sure that your batteries are fully charged if the airplane doesn’t have power supply come on guys you don’t want to end up staring at the back of the seat on a five-hour flight every airline has different chicken and boarding time and my recommendation be at the airport at the time your airline starts checking in people that way it’ll be easy for you to get the seat that the emergency exit or maybe even an upgrade into business or first-class next one up research the destination you’re traveling to the more you know about your destination the smoother your traveling will be and the easier it will be for you to travel like a pro make sure to know where the good restaurants and the good coffee shops are you can research unblocks Conde Nast Traveler Instagram or Pinterest and find the best locations for you to enjoy to have a level of independency make sure that you get yourself a local SIM card with prepaid data that way you’re always connected you always can do your research on the go usually you’re traveling to countries and age of SIM cards and data sims are much cheaper than they are over here

next up what are the things you want to bring with you on the plane to be able to travel like a probe here are a few things we always have in our backpacks to make traveling more enjoyable number one good noise cancelling headphones if you’re using your own entertainment or even using the

tenant of an aeroplane it is crucial to have good headphone airplanes on noisy places and you don’t want to be bothered by all that noise I’ve linked headphones down below that I personally use and on my absolute favorite– they’re

technically on noise cancelling

headphones but they are over your headphones they’re very snug comfortable and they isolate you from outside noises comfortable clothes and a sweater guys this is like the number one tip I can give anybody going on a long-haul flight bring yourself a set of comfortable clothes bring a pajama joggers a nice Jersey or hoodie once you get on the plane you change into those comfortable clothes fold up your nice day clothes put them in your carry-on bag that way you’re traveling in comfort and when you arrive at your destination you got fresh clean wrinkle free clothes bring your own entertainment system often times even if air pens have an in-flight entertainment system the system might crash and then again you’re stuck on a long-haul flight without anything to entertain you so packing either an interesting book that you’d like to read iPhone plus a charger a battery pack to charge up all your gadgets and I’ll link the battery pack that we use down below it is an absolute beast it can charge your phone up several times and your iPad and even my laptop next wet wipes absolutely essential if you don’t want to get up to wash your hands before a meal and in general just to wipe down the tray table of you see the arm rest of your seat the window shades these are planes only get cleaned once a year so you’re gonna want to have everything kill yourself

you don’t want the bacteria of the 200 other passengers before you on your hands and actually even when I’m traveling and the handout the warm towels after I wipe off my hand I wipe down the whole seat I wipe up everything that I would touch just to be extra sure I don’t get any diseases on her way to where I’m going you don’t want to end up at your destination and be sick come on if you’re traveling economy or on a budget airline bring with your own snack as long as it’s not a fluid you won’t have a problem getting free security with it and you can make yourself a delicious serve at home you can make an artist and baguette you can make whatever you want if it’s no fluid bring your own food and enjoy it on the plane once you free security be sure to buy a big bottle of water one of the worst things is D

on an aeroplane and having to spend $5.00 for a glass of water on some of these cheapo airlines also staying hydrated on America and will help prevent getting a jet lag next up on our list is how to pack a suitcase and how to pack a carry-on now guys I can’t emphasize this enough but if you can travel without checked luggage if you can get through just using hand luggage do it only having a cabin bag makes traveling so much easier not only on your destination but also on the commute once you arrive at the airport and you did your online check-in you can just go straight to security when you arrive at the destination you can just walk out of the airport without having to wait for your check luggage I know this might sound ridiculous but I have tricks and tips how to get a lot of clothes into a small cabin bag without them creasing up we just recently got back from a two-month trip through Southeast Asia and we had checked luggage but we realized we had far too much stuff we didn’t use half of the clothes we had in those big bags and we could have easy travelled with cabin bags so learn from our mistakes

leave those big cases at home matter of fact if you want to see our Southeast Asia vlogs they’re linked right up here now guys if you enjoyed this video so far be sure to smash that thumbs up button and leave me a comment down below if there are other Pro travel tricks you know now usually the airlines let you bring on one carry-on bag and one personal item that is a backpack or laptop bag something like that small shoulder bag anything that will fit underneath the seat in front of you now I have this travel hack where lightly fold my clothes and roll them up into small bundles that fit perfectly into a case and if you roll up all your clothes like this the girls will stay crease free and you can fit much more luggage into your carry-on bag as a matter of fact you can easy fit close for about 10 days into small carry-on bag and after 10 days you can just go to a laundry and have your clothes clean and even if you’re traveling with checked luggage I would pack an extra set of rolled up clothes in your cabin bag just in case your checked bags get lost somewhere you’re not left without loads mix on a list on how to travel like a pro is the security at the April make yourself familiar with the local rules when it comes to fluid and

things you can take on to the plan and which things you can take on to the plane there are a lot of restrictions for water bottles and also things that might be a hazard for security on the airplane pack smart and keep in mind that when you arrive at the security you’re gonna have to remove your laptop and big cameras from your bag and put them in a separate tray place all the items you might have to take out of your bag in one in the same bag that way you don’t have to open up both bags at the security checkpoint dress smart when flying it amazes me every time when I go to the security checkpoint there’s always people with tons of jewelry big belt buckle closed with metal pieces just travel smart and wait clothes that won’t set up an alarm at the checkpoint before you arrive to the security checkpoint leave your watch your iPhone your wallet in your main bag that way you don’t run the risk of losing it and you don’t have to pitch it around at the security checkpoint so once you’ve checked them leave all that stuff in your bag go through security and afterwards you can take it out put on your watch use your iPhone you said to go place your valuable items in trays that will be close to you at all times don’t put your laptop camera and valuables in the first tray that will be past security before you’ve actually passed through that way you minimize risk of people stealing yourself put your bags on first and then your valuables after that way you can always keep an eye on your valuables and when you’re through your valuables will come fruit next up beat the jetlag or minimize the symptoms there’s an expression that goes west is best East is East and it’s true your body is better equipped to deal with a longer day than a shoal today so follow this routine to minimize the jet lag you might have get a good night’s sleep pack your bags on the day before so you don’t have any stress in the morning and you’ll arrive at the airport rest up try and book flights that arrive during daylight this will make it easier for you to stay awake at a benefit if you arrive during daytime you’re going to want to go out and explore and see new things versus just dropping into bed and falling asleep which is the worst thing you can do at this point you’re gonna want to push through till it’s nighttime at your destination actually go to sleep the first time in the correct time zone in the correct routine keep moving and do some exercise to boost

endorphins and of course as always make sure to stay hydrated and finally next it’s your turn let me know in the comment section down below

what your travel tips and travel hacks are and also let me know which content you want to see in next week’s travel choose this alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did smash that thumbs up button as always if you’re new to this channel hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell on next week’s travel choose that video I’ll be giving away $10 Amazon gift vouchers amongst the first 20 people to comment on the video so turn on the notifications and don’t miss out on that I’ll see you guys next time happy traveling.

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