I got upgraded to these first-class Suites they’re basically like many apartments in the sky it’s started incredible I just sleep the Oscar like a prince god works senator pleasure having work today enjoy your day is New York or arrows your arrows may take me Roberta seen in a vision 30 minutes the landing he’s sad to leave the plane Oscar so really really really play live I thank you very much thank you provide back in New York City try to get back to the city so we left that morning run just want to reiterate again that was my all-time greatest airplane seat ever she tucked me in this is not a paid advertisement this is not a Peter did you say she

tucked you in while feeding you cheese she tucked me in and then he sees me solo it Oscar I’ll see you in the office in about an hour amazing trip Thanks you want a Jolly Rancher this guy’s got an incredible supply I got a strawberry coming at ya

did you miss me

did the baby miss me I came home just to get changed and stuff but I’m like so groggy from only sleeping for two hours on a plane I think I’m gonna go for a run it’s so hot it’s so hot it’s high noon high noon pure Sun no wind so ha ha ha there’s a severe heat warning today heat advisory today in New York City so it’s like it’s like danger hot out there I don’t have a boosted board I left them all at the office I feel like I’m

marooned on a desert island without a boat or a paddle walking is the most inefficient means of getting around this city

no more cheeseburgers you must be so sick of me saying that number one it sure does still going to be back in this studio number two well look see this see this severe injury here I’m not going to go as far as to say this is

life-threatening but that is a pretty serious wound please but a scratch a scratch the arms off that wound was

inflicted by my iPad see here’s what happens this is my official drone iPad is the one that I got for free and all right all those times that I’m on my skateboard and flying the drone at the same time I fall most of the time and slowly but surely these cracks have

turned into like this life-threatening wound here I don’t know how this thing still works look it there’s literally a hole so this is part of the reason why there hasn’t been as much drone action in these vlogs as of late I’m going to take this and see if I can get it

truly remarkable how often just leave them forget the damn camera

how long do we have until it starts

raining this guess two minutes yeah you better get there hurry up

amid the Apple store it’s not raining that was thunder shoot man

question you guys know here I come

okay I’m just straight up chickening out on this whole mission he said there was like are you doing a fairly substantial charge and it’s about to start pouring out and there was a line maybe I’ll come back mission

are you getting an emergency alert on your phone for the storm yeah just got an emergency alert I gotta get back to the studio really pushing it trying to get a smoothie

did you get that warning

full speed full speed back to the office it’s about to get bad

i-i’ll of a good storm I don’t want to miss this one I’m gonna be more prepared I’m putting on some foul weather gear I got some pink flip-flops all right

I’m going out switching over to go wait nothing’s getting through this

I mean that was a pretty serious

rainstorm but they said a hail I didn’t see any hail Cantus offered to come pick me up hope that offer still stands

definitely not boosted board whether this is sort of an impromptu male time I’d like to say thank you to red kin for sending me this towel I would also like to thank time unique for sending me this sweet sweatshirt without your generous mail time packages I’d be both wet and cold right now oh yeah yeah leaving the office slightly damped I guess holy smokes it’s raining out huh scary lightning scared of lightning

you are blocking the entirety of the Westside it is completely your know

you’re supposed to wait behind the line that guy was supposed to turn right.

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