a 939 I’m flying to Germany now I did upgrade wasn’t that big of a deal I was able to use miles I was able to upgrade to first class the lounge appears to be broken into three different parts downstairs is like the regular part of the lounge it looked nice downstairs this floor here this is like the fancy lounge and they have delicious food but then up here is like the first-class lounge and it’s so fancy up there that I wasn’t actually comfortable being up there it’s like super intimate there’s a waiter and then I came down here because this is more my speed this is a food situation here

I had like some chicken and some sort of steak that it was totally fine totally good kind of like buffet food and then I had a decaf cappuccino cappuccino those cappuccinos are great but D Capps I want to I want to sleep on the plane this is the bar that’s a that’s a bar there that doesn’t seem to be anybody at the bar but now I am traveling alone which is a little bit a little bit lonely but it’d be a lot of interesting people on this flight let’s go see what’s happening upstairs first-class whining in time

get after you have to rethink this one Casey right I’m Casey gonna do a really what’s your name me that’s it yes sir well how’d you know I’m not coming up here to eat okay I’m just gonna come here harass this guy chill out moment with Pacey I was just telling the camera that I didn’t know anybody here but look at that Wesley Snipes and he didn’t know that I was like a fan and the subscriber guess what I am and guess what I see you in the airport Casey I appreciate it wisely hey baby how’s it going man always bet on black

about 15 minutes for the plate to itself just gonna check out this bottom floor here

Hey ladies I’m great oh hey look another friend I’ve got

it’s Marquez Marquez where you headed buddy well Germany been in France I’m just kidding I knew Marquez is on this flight who I didn’t know it was on this play and this girl

show your face probably cause I’m really just not looking cute flight boards in five minutes and take a push out good Pixley this great shower rock solid shower just gotta get dressed and we gotta go get my my flight showing at the airport remains one of my favorite things in the world

3a that’s my seat there what’s going on here

nothing freaks people out more than video cameras on airplanes you know what I’m talking about

so this is the first-class cabin it’s the front tip of the nose of the 747 there’s like a little bar right here which looks lovely

these seats all the way at the front are the best cuz nobody walks past you just own this front but I’m not complaining my seats fantastic oh hello how are you see this big comfortable

you good

alright what saving awesome so far this first-class experience has been amazing this is the menu

he’s awesome is like a hand written welcome honestly I don’t know if I’m gonna have dinner tonight excited so much in the lounge but did the pilot came out earlier to say hi like the actual pilot not a flight attendant natural Thailand by old closet from a skateboard cool amazing

ok ok I appreciate any clothes I’ve got my own closet to hide my skateboard [Applause]

all right

now I’m gonna go to sleep and I’m gonna go to sleep and then give you a comprehensive review of how the bed was when I when I wake up

great that that’s great

I slept like one wooden they’re better at home and that’s not like baby so nice here

we all know

thank you

and did we land right five minutes all right that’s it yep we are on the ground in Germany nice cat food shopping and we would like to say goodbye to all is at this time it was a pleasure having your business darling it’s nice and we are looking forward to seeing your monopod so long thank you.

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