Insane Luxury Apartment in Kuala Lumpur – Best view of Petronas Towers

guys it is Sunday and we are in another country another city we travelled from Siem Reap Cambodia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia we just checked into our hotel room that we have for two days which has like the best view of any hotel room ever and this place is huge it’s 80 square meters huge States ginormous good morning we had to get up super early I haven’t had a shower I really need to get cleaned up and get some food in my body unfortunately and this is just one of those things when you’re traveling in Asia unfortunate happens every now and then I am having some troubles with my stomach I must have had some

contaminated food or water or whatever but it’s really taking me down the last two days I’m feeling a little bit stronger now I think again get some food into my body but that is amazing I’ll give you a quick tour of the place so when you enter the first thing you have is your own kitchen with a dining room table we can have fruit delivered here he eats it with the view then you come through and you have this ginormous living room with the huge couch and this view this is sick this is the sickest view ever and I think the window opens so I can do like a time

claps out of the window oh my god the window opens and I can I can put the camera right here and do a time-lapse that’s amazing then you continue through to the master bathroom with this huge shower cabin with like a rain shower and then here you have the bedroom with a nice little TV in it and an equally amazing view actually the view from here even better we have a washer and a dryer we can wash our clothes I’m going to be watching my shoes

so we had some time to relax in the hotel room now after arriving and now we’re going to head out to town and go have some Peking Duck I have pick you up we found a little food court close by that serves very delicious looking Peking duck and a lot of different type of comes like a food or cassette they like to get in in Singapore just a little bit more modern so that seems like the best idea of food right now we’re gonna think about it a lot and we need to get a little bit of rest today because tomorrow we want to explore around us Kuala Lumpur a little is my gillip popping because the elevators going down so many stories actually on the 31st floor or a hotel room and now we’re on the ground level

we go so look amazing that’s for the truck all the things so what have you got there it’s coconut ice I hope at least the same is coconut oil I think it’s a ice cream in a coconut honor the system up that’s just ice cream

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