Jet Blue First Class REVIEW

5:39 morning it’s time to go one two three four five six that’s an insane amount of luggage why do we need two strollers are you almost ready the baby’s taking off wait for me for anything we have to take separate elevators we just have too much stuff sorry for keeping you waiting let’s what turnover five JetBlue nine times I tell my dog that’s for the dog papers what I’m too fast for them I said did you bring the dog papers and you say no I said I told you to bring the dog papers I left now so you and I get in a fight okay that I’ll say isn’t in the system because usually effect because I fax it at every chair is that true

the pause feels the baby will just start crying then we’ll be fine right

right now how am I supposed to get all this herb halfway here the baby just puked I mean really puked all over that poor uber drivers car shame little thing got carsick this trip is off to like a pretty rough start I’m pretty sure we’re also going to miss our flight we got stuff behind a car accident this place is this place is a zoo I’ve lost Candace but I think we’re gonna make the flight okay hold still while I go through security all right we’re in we’re through security Candace is in the bathroom cleaning up the baby the poor thing

I think everything’s gonna be okay headed to a gate we’re flying JetBlue this morning because American was cost prohibitive but we’re trying out their new like mint first-class situation – pretty nice Francine loves it

it’s 7:45 in the morning Candace is having a drink

this is the first time I’ve ever flown on this JetBlue it’s really nice Francine why

this is a six-hour flight so far say you’re on an airplane you don’t have a cloth you need a cloth check this out this little pill wait a whole bar hold on both don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it I’m not ready okay do it Wow

franzine Candace I’ve got an hour to half map a lot of work done

about our waiver winning

we’re just killing time here look Francine there’s Los Angeles

we did it we made it that wasn’t so bad nice job Francine I mean nice job Candace oh my god thank you

we made it she sounds excited

yeah we brought the poodle

who’s the word

we’ve arrived

I’m so tired are you tired bubs really you are dirty

you’re covered in baby feet

the reason why we are in Los Angeles is there’s a new baby in the family very exciting so all of Candace’s family is out here to see the new baby and then we’re just like why not stay through the holiday season so we’re here for a little while I have no idea where I’m going right now

God who’s supporting all right

Brewster born in LA it feels great I’m running out now to get some food and milk for the baby you know I really don’t know what the rest of today holds can’t imagine it can be too exciting when I get milk around here and there try this and liquor store.

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