Leaving Miami in an amazing business class

that work complete are headed back to the lab testing one yes hello guys the moment has finally come we left our beautiful beautiful Fortress of Solitude

in Miami Beach and are now at the airport check-in ready for flight along trying to collect the words to say to explain correctly how amazing this trip to Miami Beach was we were to achieve so many things we had the greatest time imaginable we met a lot of new people a lot of new experiences but now we have to travel back to Europe take care of a few things we’re only going to be at home and I’ll show you a short before the travel vlogs men in Europe and then in Asia so now we’re going to head on to the business class lounge have one glass of wine before we board the plane and then it’s a night light with American Airlines beautiful business class to London and then we’ll see what happens in London all flights currently or cancelled

oh yeah okay oh shoot they don’t have a pre-departure brain it’s time for

this is the dahle khalipa square mile so maybe you want to explain to the viewers what is going on Oh waiting for train first of all first of all we were we in the plane but which would city board number because we didn’t vlog in London so we were in London

no chair thank our two eunuchs and now we have to wait for our train which were oh that’s very wonderful eat at 7:20 something no it’s right what

hi so we’re talking of a traditional German Bavarian meal with beer that is similar like blue moon these German views on kill me pasanga so in just for comparison the beer that’s hardly to be accosted to euro and 50 Cent’s system 5 we’re going to have our dinner here in unique and we have three different trains to take for us to get back to Austria and then we’ll be not sure around 9:30 right so then we have to decide if we’re going to pick up the customer on all pick up because tomorrow a lot of you haven’t seen the casket they’re really cute

a lot of new views about three months welcome to Europe yes we are back in Austria it was a tremendously strenuous trip especially the last piece from unique to limbs from Munich to Austria and we just saw this up here we just got back a few minutes ago and gonna drop right into bed you guys are going to see a lot of this place over the next few weeks

maybe we’ll see we will see some of this stuff in action Alamo but all tonight that’s enough I’ll see you guys tomorrow and good bye.

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