Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses (On a Budget)

I wanted to talk about developing a marketing strategy for your business today it’s pretty quick and simple but a lot of businesses when they think about their marketing feel super overwhelmed and they’re like well there’s all these social media outlets and there’s Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and reddit and then there’s Google ads and there’s Facebook guys and the list goes on and on and before you know it in 30 seconds you’ve made yourself and probably your staff super anxious because you’re like there’s we don’t have enough manpower to get this done where do we start and you hear all these gurus and and all these people on the internet telling you you have to post every day and three times a day and then you post and you feel like you’re just calling out into nothingness and it’s frustrating so I’m here today to break down a marketing strategy that will work and it goes like this

so there are two ways primarily to get people to your website and that is through paid traffic and it’s through free traffic all right those are the only two ways it’s how are people are going to find you and free traffic includes if someone word of mouth or if they are referred to you by a friend anything that’s not a paid ad like on the radio online whatever okay so take those two forms of traffic free and paid and out of those to focus on one major pull on each of them let me explain what I mean by that let’s start off first with free traffic

so free traffic would be like SEO especially on page if you’re doing it yourself it would be word-of-mouth or reputation that usually takes a lot longer but there’s ways that there are ways that you can expedite that and one of them will be this whatever your industry is find the top three podcasts the top three YouTube channels the top three publications that your industry people using your service or product read and start there you want to get featured in those top three if you can if you don’t know exactly what they are find your competitors and see where they’ve been featured alright all you have to do is find the editor or the publisher and reach out and say hey we’re in this industry I thought that what we have to talk about could help your readers and I thought I could get them a lot of value come on bring the heat and then before you know you’ll have a lot of free traffic just from the exposure so with free traffic that’s your first goal find the top three podcast top three YouTube channels and top three online publications magazines whatever works for you and you’re trying to get featured on all of them now this is a little bit of a numbers game as well so don’t be discouraged if all of them say no then move on to the top five eventually those people will want you as you build but if you don’t land that top three move over the top five top ten whatever it takes just get featured on three each so there is your free traffic now let’s talk about your paid ad traffic

so there are lots of ways that you can spend money on advertising and you might already know a way that works I would start off with Facebook Ads

and this is the reason because Facebook Ads

you can get a there are tons of

resources on how to improve them B you can get so niched

down into your audience that they can serve the exact right ad to the exact right person because think about it from Facebook’s viewpoint so they want to keep their audience happy by showing them good ads that are relevant to them but they also want to keep you as an advertiser happy because if they lose you and their ads don’t work to make you money then you stop paying them and then they go under that’s really bad for them so that’s kind of what keeps them honest in a way is that they have to keep their audience happy but keep you happy so they’re gonna serve up the most relevant ads that will do both so you have to create high value ads we’re not talking about that today but start with Facebook Ads

because you can target your audience down you can build value with them and then you can rinse and repeat alright and Facebook has teamed up with three to five of the biggest third-party data companies in the world and that’s how they know so much about you because they’ve made partnerships and they’ve said hey we’ll give you over our information for money or whatever their deal was okay so Facebook has a lot of information on the audience you want to be advertising to so hopefully that helps narrow things down don’t think about all the stuff that you have to do and have to post and all this kind of stuff just focus on your top free traffic generator and your top paid traffic generator now if you try those for a few months and it doesn’t work we thinking maybe you guessed wrong maybe you’re educated guess wasn’t as accurate as you thought but that will eliminate a lot of the overwhelm especially for newer companies that might not have a huge marketing budget so start with your one free traffic generator and with your one paid traffic generator

and work those teeth on the works hope that helps you

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