today we get to fly an amazing business class to Manila Oh what’s going on guys today is an awesome day for three reasons number one we’ve already had a great day so far in Istanbul number two today we get to fly an amazing business class to number three we’re going home to Manila and I couldn’t be more stoked stoked er anyway we are here at Istanbul Airport today we are flying Turkish Airlines in their amazing business class they hooked us up with these flights they hooked us up with an amazing day yesterday which is also today in Istanbul they hooked us up which was the step of being legit right now we are looking for the brand new Turkish Airlines lounge in the brand new Istanbul Airport and I know this lounge is going to be great because the old Turkish Airlines launched was absolutely amazing

the selection of olives insane okay when we were word to explain it correctly I want you to repeat everything only this time about classic piano music behind what you’re saying go ahead

the selection of Olives and the assortment of like

and the piano the cheese have you mentioned she’s got the cheese I’m gonna hope I love the happy jeez

let’s check it out okay

so I’d be lying if I’d say this is the first time that we’re flying Turkish Airlines business class because a few years ago when we flew to South Africa we actually traveled on Turkish Airlines and actually the same business fails to travel today but that doesn’t make me less excited because it’s the same because I know what for treat that we’re in through today so I know what for treat that we’re in for today oh and I can see the lounge of they already it’s just gonna be nice now we actually have around six hours here in the lounge almost before our flight takes off so we have ample opportunities to try our way through all the great wines and whiskies and snacks and accoutrements that they have here to offer hopefully they have a shower if they have a shower I’m having a shower it’s so awesome to have a shower before you board a flight [Music]

odds gotta read seriously they have an odd killer in here the maze

hello hello took a little while for me to find the bar because this lounge is pretty big nice yes so I went and got myself like a huge plate of an

assortment of salads and a little bit of cheese and flatbread and then here we have some grilled chicken some kebab and some like it’s like a meatball like a like a meatball the middle of the awesome smelling thing I love I love it I love it when when the airport lounges have an amazing food and it happens so seldom but here the food is back it’s stunning I know I think the word you’re looking for is disappointed but this one is station Turkish ravioli and did you see the tea sure honey sure that’s not yeah Wow

I mean this is something else think wow so good

alright guys we are leaving the amazing lounge oh we got a it’s boarding time in around 20 minutes and it’s around 20 minutes walk from the lounge to the gate today we will be departing from gate a8 now this large experience was really really nice top-notch delicious Sauvignon Blanc that was the best airport food that I had yeah yeah ten from 2020 front and that’s perfectly from 4.50 especially infinity from infinity

it was good we both had a shower oh my god so refreshing a gates over here the showers was so nice everything was like marble really cool and there was no time limit because oftentimes when you have a shower in a lounge they give you kind of a time frame to say you got to be done in like 20 minutes 30 minutes here you can take all the time in the world have a nice sari come back we had ample time to shower and get refreshed and now we’re heading to the gate and I will check in with you guys once we board our flight I will add I’m a little bit tired I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep on a fully flat

comfortable bed 12-hour flight

all right guys quick update and a pro tip for when you add an airport don’t blog while you beasts while you’re supposed to be looking for your gate because we just walked in a circle around the lounge we were like hovering around we just walked in circles around the lounge happily talking to the camera until we realize that we ended up back at the lounge alright okay it’s cool recording ends like 20 minutes before takeoff so we still got a good 30 minutes it’s fine

and we just made it

first thing I likely we’re gonna get on then is changed into something more comfortable cozy comfortable pajama for a good night’s sleep

all right Michael now it’s your time to choose breakfast correcto

what shall I have freshly squeezed orange juice yes is coffee with milk yes a frittata thank you Black Sea algaecide that tomorrow and just like that we were back at home in Manila in our beautiful beautiful apartment it is so good to finally be back here in Manila this trip was so comfortable and so much fun we really really loved Istanbul we actually forgot how much fun we had in Istanbul the last time we were there and how much we enjoyed the food and culture and just the weather as well Turkish Airlines was top-notch I mean we slept eight hours on the airplane

we woke up well-rested came back home you know it didn’t have a jet lag for the first night so good so great top-notch experience thank you again Turkish Airlines for hooking us up with these beautiful tickets I’m really excited to bring you Philippines content over the next few months I mean till Christmas we’re going to be here in Asia we’ve got a few exciting trips also outside of the Philippines planned but primarily we’re going to be exploring some new destinations here in the Philippines starting with Negros we’re going to be flying to Baja lot the day after tomorrow and we’re going to explore dumaguete we’re really really excited to explore those locations I’ve heard that baccarat has amazing food maybe we can even squeeze in some scuba diving if you have any recommendations for those locations please let me know in the comments down below that rhymed oh my god that was not planned in any case that is all I have for you guys today I’ll see you guys tomorrow same time same place room to stay awesome be positive and make it happen.

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