good evening guys today I am super excited because I finally get to fly a plane I’ve been wanting to fly for a while today we are going to fly from Helsinki to Doha on Qatar Airways a320 Anna know what you’re thinking the FE on the twin is a narrow body aeroplane but this narrow body aeroplane has a full spec business-class seat enough meaning you’ll have 180 degree fall flat G bizarrely succeeds in business class really excited to try this out and it kind of having such a small plane makes it feel like you’re in a private jet almost that’s how you sold it to me because I had no idea I’m best Vidya today we’ve partnered up with an awesome company that I’m super excited about and I’ll tell you why and the past few videos I’ve always been telling you guys that if you travel you should try and travel with hand luggage only yeah but if you’re only traveling with hand luggage you run into a little bit of a problem the problem is fluids you’re unable to take with your creams you toothpaste you

perfume whatever all that kind of stuff it’s very difficult to travel with if it’s in bottles that are more than 100 millions well today we are partnering up with scent bird and the awesome thing about simple is they send you perfume that costs 1495 they have for them 50 different perfumes to choose from in this month I actually took two perfumes I took a is lucky and I took the man by Hugo Boss and it’s just super practical I mean I got the size of it yeah not only that I’m very picky when it comes to perfume and sense in general so if I don’t like a perfume I didn’t spend a ton of money on perfume I can get a new perfume every month okay and I’m not wasting any money which is really awesome and it comes in a nifty little baggie bag big huge fan of said Bert and I got good news for our little community here I got a 25% discount card just go in the description or below you’ll have the link and you’ll have the discount code and you’ll see all the perfumes that are available and also the ones that I got so go check it out by the way we spent the past few hours at the thin air premium lounge in the non-schengen area and yes it is the lounge way they have the sauna inside the launch but we didn’t get to try it I took a look at it it’s a little bit unspectacular nothing special but if you’re into that

definitely go and try it out how would you rate the lounge on a scale from one to ten eight eight

just if we’re traveling in the launching and aerial from the non-schengen area we don’t want to have the stress of going through passport control which can get very hectic here wow this is just absolutely awesome when they see that the traffic on the a320 and business class on Kotaku is they’re not quite sure if they have the airplane with the animated agree fully flat chairs or if they’re happy

you know angle cheese kind of domestic first class stealing aeroplanes so I made a list in the description down below that will show you exactly according to the license bed of the aeroplane which business class you actually have if it’s be hundred eighty degree fully flat one like this or if there is he more or less like the American domestic first air

all right after we landed we had a quick little stop at the gorgeous Qatar Airways lounge here in Doha and now we’re heading on to our next line which is an aircraft with the same kind of business class but in a much bigger plane and now we’re flying with thee so let me know how did you enjoy the flight and I wasn’t like I woke up all the time to drink some water about the flight was it was very private it’s felt very exclusive it’s just not the feeling that you get when you’re traveling in a huge a380 or an a340 like I think we’re traveling on now but nonetheless I love all business class Qatar Airways now gonna hustle a little bit we got to get to a gate that’s on the other side of this Airport and we have arrived in Bangkok the second flight was very easygoing very relaxing was a free 4,600 and we just checked into our hotel for the next two days here in Bangkok I’m just gonna give you a quick overview of the place it’s really beautiful but I’ll give you a nice room tour in tomorrow’s Bangkok food video here’s the master bathroom beautiful bathtub beautiful sinks and a humongous so I must say come through you got like in the lounging area over here and then you have the stunning view

yep skyline goals for sure

the master bedroom a little desk area and Nelly sitting by the window

enjoying the second skyline view but for now we’re going to chill out and we are going to grab a bite to eat

check out the rooftop I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed this little traveller flying video and the tour of that very special Qatar Airways aeroplane if you enjoyed this video let me know by smashing that thumbs up button and leave me a comment down below if you want to see more of these videos our next videos are going to be very food focused as I have teased already in the past it’s going to be about food and Bangkok food in the Philippines and just traveling around the Philippines and Bangkok so if you new to the channel subscribe right now and maybe we’ll say goodbye with a big smile I was wondering what you were gonna do and by the way guys before shows of love we’re getting this trip started with some awesome fight you.

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