Robinhood Adds Crypto Trading | NO FEES!

today we’re talking about the investing app called Robin Hood actually adding cryptocurrency to its offerings which i think is pretty crazy it’s only gonna raise the amount of money that people are investing in stocks and in crypto and who knows what’s gonna happen over the next few months so I personally use Robin Hood to invest in my individual stocks that I recommend to you guys and also any other stocks that I choose to do so on the side ultimately I use Vanguard for my ETFs because I only invest in Vanguard ETFs for the most part and those are commissioned free and I also use Vanguard for my Roth IRA but the cool thing about Robin Hood is that you can trade individual stocks with no commissions and no fees I think that’s a huge value add especially for beginning investors that don’t want to have all their profits eaten up and fees if they don’t have large amounts to invest so if you want to support the channel I actually have an affiliate link below to sign up for Robin Hood and it’s a win-win situation when you sign up using that link you get a free shares of stock and I get a free share of stock so if you want to support the channel use that link if not no big deal so the big news today is that Robin Hood is essentially gonna let you invest in different forms of cryptocurrency they’re starting with Bitcoin and aetherium and the cool thing is is that they’re keeping their no fee model so you can trade as much

cryptocurrency as you want and it looks like they’re not gonna charge you any premiums to do so so another popular trading platform for crypto currency is called coin base and coin base actually charges about a percent and a half to four percent in fees so you have free vs. fees so obviously people are gonna go the free route so I ultimately think that Robin Hood is making a good

decision here because at the time of this recording they’re gonna allow you to track the price the news and set up alerts on bit

atheria m– plus 14 other

cryptocurrencies take a look at this screenshot and this quote below from the co-founder of Robin Hood Vlada 10 EV we’re planning to operate this business on a break-even basis and we don’t plan the profit from it for the foreseeable future the value of Robin Hood crypto is in growing our customer base and better serving our existing customers so a lot of retail stores during these big sales or these big Black Friday sales or periodically throughout the year they have what’s called a loss leader so they’ll sell you a product that they’re breaking even or leave in losing money on in order just to get your foot in the door and that’s exactly what Vlad Tennant is doing with this strategy so ultimately instead of just trading you know ETF stocks and everything else that’s available on Robin Hood they’re opening up a whole new flood of

customers by getting more eyeballs and users on their platform who also want to trade cryptocurrency so by simplifying trading and tracking they can increase the value of Bitcoin in aetherium because it’s gonna open up both worlds through the Robin Hood app so not only our user is gonna be dabbling in stocks and ETFs and everything else that’s already available in Robin Hood they’re also gonna be dabbling in cryptocurrency as well which I think in the short term at least will ultimately raise prices of these different coins so based on my research here’s how Robin Hood crypto actually works for existing members you can instantly transfer up to $1,000 from your connected bank account or more if you have a gold membership so for smaller traders that could actually eliminate the annoying delays on other platforms where it takes a few days to actually get your money out or if you miss a low price point you can’t quickly get in and out of those trades because you’re waiting for other trades to either close or you’re waiting for your money to transfer so I think ease-of-use simplicity and quickness is gonna make this a winner for Robin Hood in the long term Robin Hood also tries to combat volatility so we all know that crypto has been kind of like a crazy roller coaster ride over the last few months you guys so what they do is they put a collar around your trade so it can’t execute unless it’s close to your s made a price that they gave you so it waits for the price to return to that level if it exceeded it and it also lets you know via the app if you’re at that price at which you want to execute at so in very layman’s terms if you want to get in at let’s just say for easy numbers you know ten grand on Bitcoin if it’s significantly higher than that it’ll actually notify you once it gets back to that price that you want to enter at although this is going to eventually expand into all 50 states I think only Bitcoin in aetherium will be available for trading when that rolls out in February to the following states you have California Massachusetts Missouri Montana and New Hampshire and as I mentioned I think it’s going to roll out to all 50 but we’ll have to see so take a look at this screenshot again Vlad tentative is quoted here saying we’re extremely selective about the cryptos we’re making available on the platform and we’re introducing those first because these are the most mature coins that people are trading these days multiple times people have declared them dead and they’ve come back stronger than ever so a couple more quick facts before I wrap this video up you can see the demand for crypto has been clear because a hundred thousand of Robin Hood’s users were regularly searching for crypto and crypto prices and trading even though that wasn’t even a feature available on the app and what Robin Hood did was they surveyed a bunch of their users and 95% of those surveyed said they’d invest in cryptos if the product supported it so voila here it is so ultimately Robin Hood has handled a hundred billion dollars in transactions so far and it saved its users over 1 billion dollars in fees and I’m one of them that amount is only going to go up when crypto is added because think about all the volatility that it’s had over the past few months and years and multiply that with the fees that you would have incurred on like a coin base for example so no if no fees plus an easy to use platform equals a big win in my opinion and I think Robin Hood is very smart to get into this space early and that’s all I got for you guys today thank you so much for watching I do have a question of the day below however will you be trading crypto on Robin Hood so if you don’t have Robin Hood already again you can sign up using my link below you get a free share of stock

I get a free share of stock and

everybody’s happy so it’s a win-win situation you guys and again if you got any value out of my video whatsoever please share it with one friend and subscribe below if you haven’t already thank you and have a prosperous day hey so Robin Hood Robin Hood is allowing you to trade cryptocurrency now how much are you going to invest and what are you investing in if anything I know it’s a personal question but I just I’m calling you out of the blue would you put it in bro Bitcoin or aetherium okay like coin I see you maybe we’ll do a little pump-and-dump here what else can we can we pump up on this video actually I think I think is just big point in aetherium for now yeah so okay so yeah I got your vote for aetherium right alright perfect I’ll pitch that to my viewers and maybe we’ll pump it up and then sell it and then buy a Ferrari perfect winning all right thanks dude that’s it so guys I really got a

recommend aetherium you know we only got 48 hours to buy in but if you just transfer me $10,000 via PayPal or venmo we’ll put that into a pool and we’ll pull our money together and we’ll invest in aetherium it’ll go up we’ll sell and you’ll get back you’ll make 1% per day guaranteed so then you gotta sign someone else up here let me let me break it down for you let me break it down for you so it starts with you right here okay and then you’re gonna sign up two or three people and what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna sign up two or three people and what yeah we’ll make one percent a day and this isn’t a pyramid scheme this is not a pyramid scheme I promise we’re all gonna get rich one percent per day guaranteed twenty-eight hours 48 hours called.

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