what’s wrong with you when did you order orange juice you see me good morning guys and welcome to Venice Italy we took a train early this morning and rode it through the Austrian Alps all the way here to Italy and basically we have just like a few minutes time to brace Italian culture and express our food before we go to the airport to travel to

I give you we had an effortless check em and got through the security checkpoints priority it’s very quiet at this rate which I really like I don’t like it April touching exiting busy but this is just easygoing relaxing very Italian I like it

I want to grab another spread so here at the airport I’m sure there’s a good coffee shop and then we’re going to hit the lounge and have a glass of vino and it’s the new one yes and we have the brand new business class in the a330 which is a angled flat business class but they have the brand new entertainment system to have the nice cheese but the new decor is really nice it’s cozy it’s tight but it’s beautiful we blindly

get the keys one for perfect thank you very much yeah for women you see me we just got bumped up to an earlier flight and an even better plane oh my god we basically got so much time daym back

it’s expensive we just want an additional today no I love Qatar Airways what’s wrong with you where did you order orange juice mike says God’s a pajama

hey guys good morning and welcome to Bangkok Thailand business class is was absolutely amazing it’s beautiful we wanted to go to that fancy Thai restaurant so we walk past here like I was strange with

restaurant to the street Street food vendor then you said let’s just eat looks so good

it’s so good and I haven’t tried it but it smells very spicy so I need some milk for my coffee in the morning so I got this I don’t know what it is but it looks like milk and it has a cow on the back.

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