today I’m going to be flying business class debugging so right now on the plane and I’m in my seat so I’m gonna give you a tour and we’re in funny way I just walk out these doors

and I’m in beautiful ballet game morning rain comes it is currently 6:30 a.m. and the reason why I’m up at this time because normally I’m still asleep it’s because today I’m going to be flying business class two-volume which I’m so excited for I can’t wait to leave I must say even though I’ve had to get up early I do feel like quite energized normally when I get up early I just like can I go back to sleep but this morning I actually like I rolled around in my bed for 10 minutes when I woke up at 5:00 and I was just like no I have to get up now I have to start getting ready because I was just so excited to leave oh oh gee I’m so excited said today I decided some a video all about my experience of flying in Bali like a flight to Bali I’m sorry if I keep saying everything wrong I literally like I’m just gonna blame it on getting up early this is my flying

outfit super super comfy normally what I do is I wear my biggest thing so jeans on the plane just because to like save space cuz I don’t have enough like space to have my jeans in my bag but luckily because we’re going to buy I don’t need to bring any jeans because it’s gonna be too hot for jeans and I just want to be wearing comfy clothes that anyways so I am luckily able to wear my leggings this trip but normally when I do wear jeans is so uncomfortable and they just feel like gross especially if it’s a nighttime flight and you have to go to sleep on the plane wearing jeans is just not fun but luckily today is the daytime flight which although it does feel like the day is kind of wasted but at the same time it’s kind of not because like I like it when it’s a daytime flight and not a nighttime flight because when is the nighttime flight you just have to sleep but you can’t really sleep that well on a plane but when is the daytime flight all you have to do is relax and you know watch films or get on with some work and you can do that well on a plane so it feels a bit more productive if that makes sense so yeah I do enjoy daytime flights because you get to act like take advantage of watching all of the films and everything like that there are now at the airport and of course the one thing about having business class tickets is not just on the airplane you get to go in the business lounge so let’s go check out so we have all of this free food looks amazing cereal bread jam fruit preserves of magazines and newspapers although I’m looking and there’s not anything I could feel that I like books may be interesting or maybe that no pop food as well this place is massive


right I just felt it all myself but I found this really delicious looking Kara and I think it’s got ginger and stuff in it juice mmm really good is I’m going to be spending the next nine hours or so I’m now on the plane and I’m in my seat so I’m going to give you a tour of my seat so first up I have this really nice TV screen so I can watch that and then I pull this little pocket here and there’s loads of foot room and there’s also a little baby over here who’s currently standing up and then this is my seat but what’s really cool about it is if you press that button press and hold



into a bird so they turn if I get tired which I don’t think I’m really going to be sleeping with it’s nice to be able to relax and lay down I have this document so I’ve got this lamp here got cushion I’ve got this little controller then I put this which is like another controller is like a mini TV I’ve got all these deep controls which plug in my headphones I’ve got this little cabinet side bed down here I also have my table and I’ve got this free orange juice oh the lady just came around and asked if I wanted some sodas it’s delicious give me my bag toiletries


the critics


that we have

compact mirror that’s handy me a super yeah petite bride

even half like the cover on the toothbrush and then it was about this keep it like the cream is that okay


I guess face cream body lotion you can be tissues high-carb some patient one thank you maybe just give me this is pretty nice

I love this when he goes what’s that it feels really refreshing the sector like whenever I spy I just feel a bit groggy and it’s like I wish I could show you guys our Twitter

right apart eat watch it on the TV and pick up

actually no I did it you can see underneath the plane

and it was actually pretty good so to watch this film I read at a disco so I confident about what happened so it should be a nice surprise


OMG this looks so amazing so got lots of different fruit here though it’s really nice

I’ve got I think it actually there’s like two different types of cake and then also some bread and it’s warm as well which is pretty unusual for on a plane and then open sooo got some porridge it all smells amazing it was very hostile

I’ve just been what shake at speed film but we now Ernie house three and a half hours left cigar how far I am really in a back seat so I think I’m gonna try to stretch it


employed persons like nighttime lights or the stuff to fill the fridge is dark that’s why and why I’m whispering that’s why I’m trying to speak loudly to the sound of the airplane and I don’t know how good the audio is going to be from sorry about them they’re crumbs but I will just show you that up here they wait happens we count them but it turns out I’m tuning everybody

they have some free bitch

that was Ben

typing game so I think this is actually fun so I think this is couscous unlike mrs. Jean maybe and then there’s like some teams event and then I’ve got a salad

red this looks pretty good

but that was actually just the appetizer service now the main course and absorbent I think this is pastor I’ve got some ravioli or like stuffed pasta it looks amazing dessert time oh gee this looks amazing so of course vegan cheesecake and then this looks like like raspberry oh no these are grazers Wow I can’t wait to try it

that’s pretty good I don’t really know Kevin is my

actually if

pretty nice both of which I have like little bit

and it rush you but it’s going it make them

pretty good but almost want to go and we’re in funny and it is the next day in the morning so yesterday we ended up driving like four hours or something because the place was staying at it’s actually really far away from the airport so I’m so tired so I didn’t manage to record a lot and I just literally went to sleep like we got to the place am I literally just laid down and fell asleep immediately because I was so tired from all that traveling but I did have an absolutely amazing experience on the flight it was loads of fun I did try to sleep at one point but I didn’t really end up falling asleep it was like in the last like hour I was just like I didn’t fall asleep but I was like you know try not necessarily even trying but I just like had my eyes closed if that makes sense so yeah I had a really relaxing flight that was so much fun but oMG I’m so excited to show you guys around the place we’re staying at it’s so beautiful ok so guys I am actually currently in the bathrooms what’s really cool about this is look it’s an outdoor bathroom can you believe that sir this money it was a bit of a funny experience this morning when I were had a shower it felt a bit strange because obviously I’m outside having a shower but it would slow the fun and it’s so gorgeous here and this is just the beginning but look how beautiful it is so this is my bedroom I’ve got a nice bed and then look I just walk out these doors and I’m in beautiful Bali look how gorgeous it is we’ve got a pool and then if you keep walking up our garden you see the sea it’s so beautiful and this morning what I did when I woke up is I got out of bed you know got had a shower and everything and then I came out here and laid on this really gorgeous bed for ages and I basically almost fell asleep until Fiona made me jump but she didn’t actually succeed at it but she tried to it still disturbed me and it was pre annoying not gonna live what’s really cool about this place is that it also has a library and in the library at has those with board games and we found this really cool and it’s called barley awfully and it’s basically normal and monopoly except for its got rupiah which is the currency and buy and then it’s also like all the places of places and garlic this is what it’s called it’s really fun and as you can see I am currently winning on ticl Oh No yes I am I not the truth hurts so I’m having an absolutely amazeballs time Impala is so beautiful here I love us so much so if you’re new around here make sure to click subscribe also check out this video here and that video there I’ll see you in the next one.

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