UNEMPLOYED? Here Are 19 Companies That Are Hiring Right Now!

we’re talking about 19 companies that have officially announced that they’re hiring thousands of people nationwide during these tough economic times so unfortunately the reason I’m making this video is because if you look at the unemployment claims numbers which I’ll put on the screen right here two weeks ago 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits and last week it was 6.6 so just in two weeks total we have about 10 million Americans that are filing for unemployment so some of these are temporary so some of the employers are saying hey you can either come to work you can either take sick leave or you can file for unemployment but when we’re all allowed to come back into the physical office you know you have to go off of unemployment so some of these are temporary which is good but

unfortunately a lot aren’t a lot of these are true layoffs and true firings if you will so this channel is all about helping people master their money and build their wealth and your income is your number one determining factor and driver of wealth creation if you don’t have predictable income or if you don’t have a large income to invest you’re probably not going to be able to build significant wealth over time so that’s why I want to make sure that people who are underemployed can actually have a job during these tough times so what I want to preface is is that a lot of these positions aren’t going to be some fortune 500 c-suite you know c-level executive positions where you’re making a bajillion dollars a year a lot of these are going to be entry-level or associate positions but a lot of them are full-time that come with benefits so that is a good thing the structure of the video we’re going to talk about you know what the company is you know what they do the number of positions that they plan on hiring and we’re also going to talk about their Glassdoor rating so Glassdoor is simply just a service that allows employees to rate their employers determining if it’s a decent place to work and then finally I want you guys to actually share this video on social media if possible if you know someone that’s gotten laid off or a family member or maybe even you you know share the video just to help as many people as possible and then also just from an vesting standpoint since this is an investing channel I want you guys to think about the publicly traded

companies that I talk about on this list and see the companies that are actually hiring in tough economic times that’s usually a good sign that either business is doing well or that the company is able to bring out employees during tough economic times so with all that being said remember to look at the publicly traded companies on that on this list because it’s usually a good indicator of them being able to weather a recession okay so that was a mouthful with all that being said let’s get into a number one so we’re gonna fly through these 19 different companies it’s obviously gonna be up to you to perform your own due diligence and decide if you want to pursue these opportunities I’m just making you aware of them so this isn’t gonna be some huge in-depth analysis of these companies but it’s just to make you aware ok so number one is instacart instacart is basically a grocery delivery and pickup service it’s kind of like an uber eats but for your groceries and they said that they’re actually creating 300,000 full service jobs over the next three months so this is huge and it makes sense that with everything that’s going on with the economy people want to be social distancing they don’t necessarily want to go to the grocery store so this is a good opportunity for you to work with this company their overall Glassdoor rating is a three point two as you can see here and if you want to pause the screen and look at these or go on Glassdoor yourself you can do that

number two is Walmart we all are aware of Walmart and what they do they’re a huge national retailer here in the United States and they said that they’re going to be creating a hundred and fifty thousand distribution and fulfillment center positions okay this is a huge number

they’re Glassdoor rating is actually a three point two and just to give you some context before going throughout the whole video three point two is kind of like right in the middle middle lower tier of all the different ratings and reviews so not a terrible place to work but definitely not the best and you have to do your research on Glassdoor with position specific ratings okay

the rating that I’m giving here is for the whole company so this could be people in the back office this could be people stocking the shelves it could be a cashier it could be you know a distribution center

worker you need to go to glass door and search the specific title to figure out what the ratings are for that position number three is Amazon so just like Walmart they said that they’re creating a hundred thousand distribution and fulfillment center opportunities as well so they’re a huge online international ecommerce retailer we all know who and what they do but this actually surprised me their glass door rating is a three point nine but again you need to search the specific title of the job that you’re applying for to see what the true ratings and reviews are so ultimately what I’ve seen online is that a lot of people aren’t necessarily happy with these jobs but again if you’re on your you know last leg or last opportunity this may still be a good position for you to land a full-time gig number four is CVS health so if you live in the United States I’m sure you’re familiar with CVS health they are a huge pharmacy and retail operation that is nationwide they said that they’re creating 50,000 full-time part-time and temporary positions over the next few months and they’re Glassdoor rating actually surprised me they came in at a two point eight so I’m not sure if these are the pharmacists or the pharmacy techs or the people working the cash registers that aren’t necessarily that happy with CVS but you know do your own due diligence as always

number five is Dollar General Dollar General is a discount retailer and again they’re nationwide so if you live in the United States this is a familiar logo the number of positions that they said they’re creating is fifty thousand by the end of April and they’re Glassdoor rating is actually lower than CVS is it’s actually a two point seven so I’m starting to think here that you know there must be some retail component that people aren’t really happy with and maybe that’s what’s bringing Dollar General down but hey a job as a job at this point number six is Pizza Hut I haven’t eaten Pizza Hut since I was a little kid when they gave you those little rewards for those stickers for like reading books you know in the summer huh now with like sparknotes and cliff notes I’d be like five hundred pounds of that was the case so may start going here again but haven’t eaten there in forever

Pizza Hut is obviously a pizza chain here in the United States they said they’re creating thirty thousand positions nationwide which is drivers managers cooks shift managers things like that and their Glassdoor rating is actually a three point three so not terrible

number seven is low

Lowe’s Home Improvement so if you’re familiar with Home Depot this is pretty much their competitor their counterpart if you will so they’re a home

improvement retailer and they said that they’re creating 30,000 full-time part-time and seasonal positions and their glass door rating is a three point two so I bought a couple things from Lowe’s but I for whatever reason I gravitate towards Home Depot and where I live there’s literally right next to each other it’s kind of weird so I don’t know if that’s done on purpose just to create a bigger ecosystem of shoppers but number seven is Lowe’s so check them out if you’re interested in working there number eight is Dollar Tree so Dollar Tree tends to be one of those recession resistant retailers which is kind of few and far between these days but you know they provide you know discount retail if you will if you wanted to categorize them as such they’re creating twenty five thousand positions throughout different stores and distribution centers so I’m assuming that this means you’re either working in the back end with logistics or you’re working in the front with a customer facing role like a cashier or someone that stocking shelves if you will so they’re Glassdoor rating is two point nine which is not to be unexpected and again I think that’s that retail factor bringing it down number nine is

Walgreens Walgreens is similar to CVS they are also pharmacy in retail and pretty much nationwide here in the states they said that they’re creating twenty five thousand full-time and temporary roles over the next few months and they’re Glassdoor rating is a little bit higher than CVS’s with a 3.0 but again do your own due diligence for the job specific title number 10 is 7-eleven so 7-eleven is a gas and convenience store and in the words of Joey cocoa Diaz they got that Brazilian bowl that’s what ice is drink listen that Brazilian mold will keep you up to three days that’s what ice is drinks sorry guys I’m just trying to spice it up here if you haven’t seen that segment of Joey Diaz talking about Brazilian bold coffee unbelievable but I digress so they are a guest in convenience store as I

mentioned and they’re actually bringing on 20,000 employees and their glass door rating is actually a three point two maybe they got a little boost from the Brazilian both number 11 is Kroger so Kroger’s based out of Cincinnati Ohio a lot of Fortune 500 companies down there there are groceries too

Cheng’s I’m sure a lot of you recognize this logo they said that they’re creating 23,500 associates nationwide and they’re Glassdoor rating is a three a lot of these grocery stores do come with decent benefits so it may it may behoove you to take a look at these kinds of industries or sectors if you will

number twelve is chewy chewy is an online retailer specifically in the pet industry or pet niche they’ve been around for a while now and they said that they’re creating 10,000 positions for new team members so I’m assuming a lot of these are gonna be distribution and fulfillment centers and some may be you know obviously working on the back end but I’m pretty sure this is gonna be similar situation to Walmart and Amazon so they’re Glassdoor rating actually surprised me it’s a 2.7 typically their customer service from what I’ve seen is always rated like a 5 out of 5 but maybe they don’t treat their employees that way who knows but check out the ratings and reviews and check out chewy if you haven’t already number 13 is Domino’s so just like Pizza Hut I’ve not eaten Domino’s in years

however I’ve heard a lot of good things about the way that this franchise is actually run from corporate I had a gentleman that was a tenant in one of my rental properties he lived there for about a year while his actually forever home was like a McMansion being built took about a year so he owned about 20 of these Domino’s franchises and he was pulling in a good amount of money per month but I digress this is not about owning a franchise it’s about working for one so the number of positions that they’re creating is ten thousand I’m sure it’s gonna be similar to the Pizza Hut positions like drivers shift managers things like that and their Glassdoor rating is actually pretty decent at three point five out of five number fourteen target so target is a obviously a big national retailer here in the states and they said that they’re creating 10,000 full-service jobs over the next three months so I’m not sure exactly what full service means whether that means full time or full service you’re working your butt off and you’re gonna get fired in six months I don’t know if that if that’s what that means but that’s what they said in their press release so they’re rating is a three point four and I know that they have a pretty good program of going from like an associate to pretty much a store manager to a regional manager

which actually pays six figures so if you want to start from the bottom and work your way up this could be a very good opportunity with a good publicly traded company number 15 is PepsiCo so Pepsi obviously creates the drink Pepsi but they also have hundreds of other products as well they’re pretty much a consumer goods company they said that they’re also creating six thousand full-service jobs over the next few months and their glass door rating is basically anywhere from 2.4 to 3.4 they have a lot of different subsidiaries that kind of just took the range there but I’m kind of weary of these full service corporate lingo jargon if you will I’m not sure if this means that they’re gonna be full-time jobs or if it’s just a seasonal job where you’re working full spectrum of service and then you’re getting laid off so make sure you do your due diligence about that number 16 is Big Lots so when my grandparents lived in the States they loved going to Big Lots I don’t know why but I always had fun going there with them it was actually kind of boring but I was little and these things would be like super big so I guess it was fun but Big Lots is obviously a big grocery store it’s not necessarily a grocery it’s like a big retailer with groceries in it but they said that they’re gonna create about 5,000 temporary workers and they’re paying $2 an hour over base pay so if you’ve ever considered working at a Big Lots they’re paying a little bit more for these tough times with

increased demand which is actually pretty good so they’re Glassdoor rating is a three point one which isn’t terrible for retail but again there could be some back office reviews mixed in with that number 17 is out school comm so this obviously isn’t a big publicly traded company but they do live online education and they are looking for 5,000 teachers so if you have a teaching background this is something that you may want to consider basically what they do is as I just mentioned is create like a live classroom or learning environment so they’re Glassdoor rating although the sample size is small which I’m sure has a factor because when companies are growing and like if they’re combing through these reviews like you better give them a five-star review or you’re getting fired it’s actually a four point eight which is good but take that with a grain of salt so if you like teaching and you have a background in education check out out school comm number 18 love’s travel stops so this is similar to

pilot Flying J there there truck stops and convenience stops all across the country which actually keeps the country alive and moving so shout-out to all the people that drive trucks that are watching this video right now someone’s like oh my god you know he recognized me no I appreciate truckers my grandpa is actually a truck driver back in Europe and he was a truck mechanic here in the States so I have a lot of respect for truck drivers number of positions they’re actually creating 2,000 full service jobs over the next three months and they’re Glassdoor rating is actually pretty decent at a three-point – number 19 is Takeda

the Takeda is a big pharmaceutical company who said they were creating 2,000 full service jobs over the next three months so they’re Glassdoor rating is a 3.2 but again you need to search the specific title for what you’re looking for so that was everything you guys I know that this was more of like a list article or like a listicle and I kind of hate doing these kind of videos to be quite honest with you but with all the unemployment claims that came online over the past two weeks I kind of felt like this was my you know Good Samaritan educational kind of a video so I hate to hear that you know if you’ve been laid off or unemployed it sucks I’ve been through it before

I worked for a startup company after my car sales job was actually my second job that I’ve ever had we were a startup company of about three or four people we got acquired by a publicly traded company and that Friday the full time staff was unfortunately laid off luckily I was like 23 at the time 23 24 years old at the time and I literally just claimed unemployment and visited my friend at Florida Atlantic University we went to Miami went to the beach we ran it was freaking awesome and I was getting paid every week to just chill on the beach so that’s one of the benefits of getting laid off but you know if you want to put food in your stomach and you’re responsible for other people being able to eat and they are your dependents getting laid off sucks and you won’t be able to build any real wealth when unemployed so hopefully this video helps you guys as always share it with a friend or family member on social media and as always have a prosperous day everybody thank you.

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