good morning guys it is Wednesday we are currently in Bangkok city and our flights back to Europe after a two-month trip around Southeast Asia

customers were really amazing we had so many great moments we had so many study experiences but I must say right now I’m really really happy to be sitting in this plane ride back to Europe and just getting back into a certain routine getting caught up and spending time with family and friends which I’ve been really missing a lot and just overall getting back to a regular lifestyle I know exactly that a few weeks ago you like driving again but right now I just need to get home we’re gonna enjoy the slides we’re gonna have a good time you got a short stopover Doha and then another beautiful fan from Iran to Vietnam this is going to be relaxing there if you would have to describe the past two months in three words what would there be surprising exciting the next few weeks the amount of blogs harassed if you’re gonna go back with the amount videos are gonna be for systematic you’re gonna go up there’s gonna be a lot of technical videos a lot of cinematic videos kind of depicting past two months in visual art forms and just topics that might be interesting for you guys and on that note I need your input if there’s any types of videos you’d like to see any questions you’ve had about planning a strip executing the strip places we visit the how we film the things how we talk the photography how we it is the fault of that stuff let me know in the comments down below give me some feedback so know what kind of concert that you want to have and I’ll try and do as many videos as possible from the requests that you guys

for now let’s enjoy this fight I’ll see you guys

just arrived in Hamad International Airport and are going to be heading up to the business class lounges Airport is just so modern and new and fancy we’re looking for the huge escalator that takes us up to the actual lounge this is very very quiet and for some reason we didn’t have to pass through this security checkpoint that we usually have to

but it’s a peaceful is

and this is the lobby of the business class lounge and check out this business class lounge this is insane so you have comfortable seating area back there you have kind of a Korean sandwich shop all included yeah let’s explore cuz we are explorers

so this is kind of the sandwich shop which is pretty cool and in case you were wondering what this lounge is so empty I think it’s because of the travel restrictions and the political situation right now between a few countries here and a little East I think that that’s one of the reasons why the airports and journalists are empty and so calm today or especially con today I don’t even feel like I need to talk loud while vlogging in the middle of an airport very spread basically with tons of different meal meat options and vegetable options we just ordered an espresso martini and before we headed to our second flight can we please go to CB 2 when we come back to Miami and buy shaker and like proper glasses we just have like speciality knees maybe a third what’s your father gonna make the best so a lot of new views here what’s up with this business class we travel hackers we don’t we plan our trips out very carefully we booked our tickets very careful yeah by we I mean me I do a lot of research I research every day there’s a threshold a maximum price I’m willing to pay for flight tickets that is gonna pop up right here which explain how to find the cheapest flight and if it is gonna pop out right here which is how to fly business cards and first cast Chiefs I check those videos out just so you know how I love this launch and if you would like an updated version of those two videos we’re leaving the lounge it was an amazing experience once again 10 out of 10 points for the Qatar Airways

just landed in Vienna with the 2-hour train rides two ends where we live and then finally we can relax is very how does it feel to be back in Austria after two months I think it’s going to be good tomorrow just a settlement house you have to own a couch an Austrian water hello cat hello other cat Romina.

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