good morning guys if they – of course Safari and absolutely amazing now we actually ought to have some coffee and we saw lions today missing rhinos the big five

hey guys sorry for the bad audio but I’m vlogging on the GoPro camera because we have the Sony set up here to get a shot of us sitting here in front of this great spectacular background and the pool the shot is for Instagram and for our blog just so we can get nice pictures to document this trip we’ve been setting up the shot for about I’d say 45 minutes now getting the props getting everything ready setting it up nicely now after about 45 minutes we’re gonna start taking the first picture and then we’ll move on to the next set this fly we’re gonna move on to the next location yeah you have to check out the picture yes which means you have to head on over to instagram and follow us on instagram and if you haven’t followed us on Instagram yet

so guys we’ve had ready a very exciting day today started out with a morning game drive and we ended up seeing a rhino who ended up seeing a hippopotamus out of water and we saw three male lions having their after meal sleep it was very impressive we were just an absolute all then we went back to the lodge and we were able to take a few stunning pictures we saw a lot of elephants walking up and down the river directly by the lodge and now we’re actually out on our afternoon or evening game drive we’re gonna go and see the amazing tree houses they have here just to get a few shots of those a few pictures and hopefully you will discover some more all of we have some elephants

yeah let’s see what’s what animals become still discovered today has been already so amazing the past two days I don’t know I can get you more amazing but we’ve got a really beautiful weather today I think it’s going to be a very nice sunset so breathable for to this game plan and we have the best guides yes absolutely this is a Spencer and Sam aka Eagle Eye because he can spot every animal

so guys we just made a stop here at the one of the tree houses of the land sands resort and this is absolutely amazing you can sleep under the stars in the wild nature basically and take please take a look at this

so we stuffed for drinks

yes how beautiful is this the last the last stop of the last game drive yeah I’m gonna try and get a nice time-lapse of the Sun setting and tomorrow we drive to Johannesburg and take a flight to Cape Town yeah

so we got a nice little surprise when we arrived back at the lodge today we’re having a Brier which is like a barbecue I guess in American and South African braai something really special

the median South Africa is absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to us it’s gonna be nice

this is gonna be Natalie’s first time at a South African braai looking forward thank you this is what you were waiting for

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